Nothing in this blog can be believed. If you think that anything in this blog is true or factual, you'll need to verify it from another source. Do you understand? No? Then read it again, and repeat this process, until you understand that you cannot sue me for anything you read here. Also, having been sucked into taking part in the mass-murder of more than 3 million Vietnamese people on behalf of U.S. Big Business "interests", I'm as mad as a cut snake (and broke) so it might be a bit silly to try to sue me anyway...

Monday, May 22, 2006

can't you tell?

I'm only just barely holding it together. How weak of me not to be strong, socially adept and well adjusted. How dare I be so self indulgent as to go to pieces. There will be no room for weaklings under The New Regime dictated by Globus Pax Americana. The strong will prosper and the weak shall rightly perish. If they're going to run the planet this way, I insist they provide euthanasia clinics where the weak and broken can go to exit with a bit of dignity. They shoot horses, don't they? And they could have a pet food factory right next to every euthanasia clinic. Think of the efficiency...


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