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Thursday, October 25, 2012

From Little Things Big Things Grow

"A RARE fire tornado has been witnessed near Thargomindah (Qld) where grassfires have been burning for days."

Full story here >>>

This got me thinking... 

Four thousand years ago, they'd call it God's wrath, and weave it into their story telling. 

One thousand  years later, someone would write it down and call it The Word Of God.  Another 1000 years later, the world's first recorded hippie, socialist revolutionary,  and proponent of non-violent political struggle, would go on a recruiting drive and try to expose a whole lot of crap being spoken in the name of an imagined, anthropomorphised "God" thingie which is said to have attitudes amazingly similar to the misogynistic, control-freak male leaders of that period.

The ruling clerics and their occupying Masters get spooked by the hippie and have the dude crucified.  But the power of the myth makers (today we call them historians) is strong, and stories are told of him being the Son of God, rising from the dead, and, in true General Macarthur style, he is said to have proclaimed "I shall return!".  It is not known whether or not he smoked a corncob pipe nor whether or not he wore aviator style sunglasses.

Two thousand years later George W. Bush imagines this anthropomorphised "God" thingie telling him to invade Iraq.  No one sections him, and a war crime of humungous proportions ensues.  No one arrests him or takes him to The Hague to answer charges.  He is American and is therefore above International Law.  That his mantra was "They must respect the Rule Of Law" is quickly forgotten by the historians weaving the next set of lies to be taught to unsuspecting school children in the future.

But I digress...

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What Motivates Bloggers?

What is a blogger doing when s/he enables the comments facility on their blog?

I think such bloggers fall into one of the following categories:

[1] The Approval Seeker: "I will only allow those comments which agree with or praise my brilliantly intelligent and beautiful posts. My blog is a tool for my journey through life which I have decided is a popularity contest in which I must look good at all costs.  I like Facebook and Twitter."

[2] The Forum Moderator: "I will publish any reasonable, on-topic comment, whether it agrees with me or not. I wish to promote debate, not stifle it. Who knows, I may even learn something."

[3] The Desperado: "I will publish any comment, no matter how stupid, off-topic, vapid, or irrelevant. I am mesmerised by the comment count. The more comments my blog gets, the better my blog must be. I like Facebook and Twitter."

Feel free to submit more categories.

Monday, October 08, 2012

Global capitalism and 21st century fascism

William I. Robinson, a professor of sociology and global studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara, wrote an interesting and informative article including  the following topics:

#  Militarised accumulation, financial speculation - and the sacking of public budgets.

#  Responses to the crisis and Obama's Weimar republic in the United States.

#  21st century fascism in the United States.

#  The mortal circuit of accumulation-exploitation-exclusion.

Read the article here >>>

Do you understand now why "the left" must be demonised at all costs?