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Monday, November 27, 2006

onya, peter....

Peter Tinley, an ex-Major in the Australian SAS and a veteran of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, has spoken out against the war in Iraq.

In an article in The Australian, by Patrick Walters, Tinley is quoted making some telling comments:

"... our involvement was a strategic and moral blunder"

"... a cynical use of the Australian Defence Force"

"... the Government had broken a moral contract with its defence force in sending it to an immoral war"

Hear, hear, Peter!

Good to hear this from yet another ex-officer.

Let's hope there's many more like him who find their conscience and speak out.

God knows John HoWARd's got it coming!

Friday, November 24, 2006

the monster...

This is a picture of the monster taken two days ago. It was then just five kilometers north of our place, travelling east, pushed along by strong hot westerly winds. Since then, the weather has become cooler and calmer and the monster is resting just north of here. If we get strong, hot northerly winds, the monster will charge straight at us.

But we're ready with a 9000 litre rainwater tank and a 6.5hp fire pump.

Bring it ON !!!!

Friday, November 10, 2006

god told him to go...

God told him to invade Iraq.

God told the people to vote him into oblivion.

Ergo, God hates the Iraqi people and George W.Bush.

I don't think much of such a God...

But I do like the US election results...

Yippeeeeeeeeeee... :-)

George Dubya Bush, you ARE the weakest link. Goodbye...

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

rockin' kitty...

This one's Kurt Reply, Chumpsrock and Phil.

It came from here...

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

what goes around, comes around...

"The era of procrastination, of half-measures, of soothing and baffling expedients, of delays, is coming to its close. In its place we are entering a period of consequences. "
-- Winston Churchil, 1936

Sunday night we went and watched Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth.

At the end I shed tears of sadness at what will happen to this planet and to humanity. Unlike Al, I think we'll do too little, too late. What's already in train is enough to trash the planet.

Go see it if you get the chance. It will change your life. This is quite simply THE most important film of this time.

There's also a book by the same name, from which I will be sharing insights and information with you in due course.

Goodnight all...

the cake and the sheikh...

She Who Must Be Obeyed (SWMBO) absolutely goes berserk if I take so much as a smidgin of HER food/snack/biscuit/chocolate/etc/etc without her royal permission. So it was with great rage that I reacted, the other day, when she snaffled a bite from MY slice of apple pie! The word hypocrite was used to great effect...

Her excuse was "It looked so temptingly delicious, I couldn't help myself." And quick as a flash, before I even knew what I was saying, the words "So you can't control your urges? You don't have any self-discipline? Whatever you want, you take?"

And it was at that instant that The Epiphany happened...

I "got it", crystal clear, about what was wrong with Sheikh al Hilaly's rant against the "immodesty" of some women. In the Sheikh's universe, a man cannot help himself, a man has no self-restraint, a man cannot control his urges, a man is an abject victim of his desires, a man can take a woman against her will if he gets turned on. In the Sheikh's universe, if a man gets turned on, it is the woman's fault and she can be raped if she does not, there and then, throw herself on the ground and beg him to fuck her!!!

I can understand that this is how it might be in the Sheikh's universe, but I humbly request that the Sheikh gets the fuck out of MY universe at the earliest opportunity!!! He does not belong in THIS universe...

And this undisciplined prick dares to teach morals and ethics to people in THIS country???

Fuck off back to Egypt, Sheikh al Hilaly!!! You have offended me, you scumbag!!!!

Friday, November 03, 2006


Rolf Harris has been awarded an OBE CBE (I've been corrected by the ever-vigilant Davo).

Congrats, Rolf...

What was that?!?!?!?

rder of the British Empire?


'scuse me!?!

Empress Elizabeth?

Not bloody likely!!!

My dictionary tells me that an Empire's sovereign has the rank of Emperor or Empress. It also tells me that this rank is higher than the rank King or Queen.

So if wee Lizzie von Battenberg, nee Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, wants to hand out OBE's MBE's and CME's, then she must be saying that there is an Empire and that she is an Empress. Either that or these gongs have been awarded by an usurper and therefore they are worth zip...

What gives?

Is this Empire by stealth?

Is this a Clayton's Empire?

And didn't I read somewhere that the lineage of British regents has actually been illegal ever since Henry Bolingbroke (Henry IV) usurped the throne in 1399?

Now we've got one who reckons there's an empire and that she's an empress?

The hubris!!! The hubris!!!

Bloody Pommie upstarts !!!

Seeya all in Gitmo...

anxiety dump #061103

Can't sleep. Got so much crap rattling around in my head. Thought I'd blog it out of my system. So here goes:

I haven't had a drink in four days and I feel more depressed than ever. I don't crave a drink, I'm just depressed. I'm not sure the anti-depressant I'm on is doing me any good. Whilst it is true that my depressive periods are less frequent now, they seem to be more "solid", more "real". I feel I'm more likely to follow through and actually end it all. But between these bouts I do feel "better". That means I just couldn't give a hoot about anything.


Here in Sydney we've got a Muslim Mufti who's recently been reported in the media as having said that women who dress "revealingly" are inviting rape. We also have an Imam who is on record as having said the same sort of thing. If this represents typical Muslim attitudes towards women and rape, then I would gladly support the immediate expulsion of every Muslim from Austraila. If this is not a typical Muslim view, but an isolated, extreme view, then I expect the moderate Muslims here (if there are indeed any) to come forward immediately to loudly and emphatically denounce these lunatics as not representing mainstream Muslim views on such matters. Stand up and be counted or get out of my country! This is totally unacceptable!

And another thing: I'm heartily sick of people who have a gripe with America, or the West generally, or globalisation, engaging in terrorism or violent reaction as their chosen way of dealing with their greivances. I denounce utterly what America, Israel and globalisation are doing, but I equally do not support violent resistance/reaction as a means of solving the problems. Two wrongs do not make a right. There has to be a better way, and I think massive Peaceful People Power protests and non-violent uprisings are the only way to beat the bastards without becoming a bastard yourself. And the bastards really cannot sustain suppressive action against such protests without being seen to be repressive, murderous, anti-democratic, and downright evil. I cannot understand why the organisers of the various resistance movements cannot get their brains around the fact that Peaceful People Power is not only the most legitimate form of resistance, but also the most powerful and effective. It's like they'd rather kill (and be killed) than win in their struggle for justice.

In the news the big noise is Nicholas Stern's stern warning about global warming and the huge economic devastation (read The Mother Of All Depressions) awaiting us if we do not fix the problem in the next ten years. Finally the political arseholes running this country are starting to address the problem, but in a way that will achieve way too little, way too late. This does not even factor in the economic effects of Peak Oil which many predict will, collectively, spell economic disaster within ten years (some tipping as early as three).

There's lots and lots more, but this'll do for now.