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Monday, November 28, 2011

Can you afford to live?

"Business was bad, and the cost of living high." - Emma Goldman, describing life in New York, 1889.

This got me thinking about what we mean by "the cost of living". How much does it cost to live? What do we really need to live, and how much does that cost?

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Unsustainable Empire

The US seems to have become an unsustainable economic entity. It is mired in debt it can't get out of if it does not radically change it's unsustainable persona. And what of its persona - a persona poisoned by the need for war and greed?

It needs to foment wars (or at least the threat of wars) in order to prop up it's massive military industrial complex. If peace were to break out, the military industrial complex would drastically shrink and this of itself would collapse the US economy. The major flaw in this "economic model" is that the cost of the wars instigated to justify the military industrial complex is pushing up debts to the point where the US taxpayer cannot pay the price any longer.

The original idea was that the "liberated" countries would grow rich and be able to repay the costs of "liberating" them. But guess what? The "liberated" countries were totally destroyed by this insane process and have no intention of paying the invaders and destroyers for the privilege having their country comprehensively trashed by an insane "economic model".

The US needs to perpetuate greed in order to justify the pillaging of the global resources, the consumption of which has become an addiction. i.e. addicted to insanely wasteful and totally unsustainable lifestyles which its citizens have been brainwashed into "aspiring to" by the marketing maniacs employed by the conjurers of consumerism.

The US is also trying to ride on a doomed philosophy: The philosophy of letting its robber barons browse and pillage the rest of the world to bring home the goodies needed to prop up the totally unsustainable American Dream. This is now seen for what it always was - a fatally flawed philosophy.

The robber barons have now created globalised corporate pirate outfits which have been exposed for what they really are: Psychopathic entities.

Thus the US Empire's ambition to dominate the world has been achieved - but it has also spelled its doom.

If that is the problem, what is the solution?