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Sunday, August 26, 2007

why don't you...

... and then get the tee shirt.

Is HoWARd easing us into fascism?

A friend directed me to a quote about fascism by Dr Lawrence Britt. I was going to find it on the web and give you a link to it, but I'm able to go one step further and give you a link which not only gives you that link but quite a few others, all embedded in a brilliant article on the agenda of the Neoconservatives.

Whilst the article was written about the Bush regime, you might, whilst reading it, run it past the HoWARd regime.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

not happy, Peter...

Peter Garrett, Labor Shadow Minister for, among other things, Climate Change and the Environment, was up here in the mountains at a community meeting last night, giving a little pep talk to help get Bob Debus elected...

Well, I had to go, didn't I? I mean, Blue Sky Mine and all that...

So there I was, getting really bored with the endless rhetoric about how we mustn't do anything bad to the economy while trying to protect the planet, an oxymoronic concept if ever there was one, when I got my question in:

"The old Peter Garrett used to have huge problems with uranium mining, but the new Peter Garrett seems to have far less of a problem with it. Peter, could you share with us the epiphany you had which led you make such a shift?"

Well, didn't that get him and Bob excited...

I was told in no uncertain terms that this question had been "dealt with" and that Peter was now a "team player". Peter went on to say something along the lines of "if you want to make a difference you have to get elected" or some such obfuscation...

So, is he saying that you have to sell out on your anti-uranium mining ideals in order to "make a difference"? Is he saying he couldn't have got elected to the senate for the Greens? Is he saying that it's better to bury your integrity than to keep uranium buried, if it means you get to play on "the team"? I'm not sure what he was saying, but I am sure he flared up like I'd pushed a really, really BIG button...

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

While we're talking about APEC...

... and the Stop Bush Rally, consider this...

In the early hours of this morning someone in Alaska was Googling the search terms "totalitarian" and "big business"... and they would have got 1.3 million hits. Number two in that hit list was an item from the archives of this blog, dated May 31, 2004. Very apposite in this time of APEC and the planned demonstrations against Bush and HoWARd, I think, don't you?

Saturday, August 18, 2007

decorating the fence...

Yeah... That fence...

Put signs on the fence:


DON'T FEED THE PIGS (c) Diogenes999

Any other suggestions? You can bet that the world media will feature that fence, so don't miss this unique opportunity to get your message out to the whole world!

I will pass all suggestions on to groups involved in the protest. I have contacts...

So... Get creative boyzangirrrls... :-)

How are you going to get past the fucking FENCES !??

Asked Davo, in a comment on the previous item. (He was, of course, referring to the now world famous APEC Fence.)

Well, Davo, you have (inadvertently, I think) gone straight to the core of the issue.

"What is your agenda?" ( "your" is used in the generic sense here)

If your agenda is to breach the fence and thereby invite direct conflict with the now very much empowered security droids, then your agenda is war and you are not really there to peacefully send a message of dissent.

The APEC rally, starting at the town hall, is billed as a PEACEFUL event. All the world's media will be there. Anyone organised enough and media-savvy enough will be able to get their message onto the news peacefully. If the numbers attending are large enough, the pollies and APEC delegates will get the message. There is no need to go into combat against the security droids or try to get at the APEC delegates or disrupt their meetings. That type of action merely justifies the droids' powers and plays straight into their hands.

If you ARE going to try disruption or infiltration actions to make your point, then you need people who are highly trained at not using any violence whatsoever, and your point must be made in a totally nonviolent way, or for all intents and purposes they may as well be working for ASIO and John HoWARd.

My message to people is this: "Are you waging war, or are you waging peace? If you want to wage war, than stop hiding within, and thereby discrediting, the peace movement - GET OUT!!!"


No wonder I hit the vodka last night!!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Australian values...

According to the ABC's Media Watch program, Channel 7's Bryan Seymour reckons if you haven't heard of Don Bradman, Pavlova, or Waltzing Matilda, you're either lacking, or undermining, "Australian values".


I notice he didn't ask his victims questions like:
Do you think it's wrong to steal or kill?
Do you value friendship?
Do you empathise with those who are not as well off as you?
Do you respect the right of others to have opinions which are different to yours?

And why did these questions not occur to Seymour? Could it be because the piece was nothing more than a cheap racist stunt designed to appeal to the bogans watching Channel 7's TDT?

You be the judge...

US elected as Leader Of The Free World

Well, at least you'd think so, wouldn't you?

Watching the news on TV last night, I heard some commentator use the phrase "leader of the free world" when talking about the US. I nearly choked...

I mean, was there an election to fill that position? No.

So, how does a country get to be "leader of the free world" without being voted in? The answer is easy. It's called self-appointment. And it's about time such despotic practices were debunked.


Monday, August 13, 2007

has Downer lost the last of his few remaining marbles?

I think so...

In today's Sydney Morning Herald, our Minister For Foreign Foul-ups, Alexander (The Great) Downer is quoted as having lost the plot entirely.

His idiotic statements are based on some pretty idiotic assumptions:

Idiotic assumption #1: The Iraqi government can rein in the insurgents.

Idiotic assumption #2: The Iraqi government is so worried about an Australian troop pull-out that it will suddenly develop the ability to walk on water (i.e. rein in the insurgents.)

Idiotic assumption #3: The majority of Iraqi people want us there.

Idiotic assumption #4: The majority of Australian people still believe Downer, HoWARd, & Co.

But then, Downer's always been very good at making idiotic statements, hasn't he?

Friday, August 10, 2007

destabilising Australia....

Bilegrip has nailed it (again).

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

in case you're interested...

You've heard of APEC, but have you heard of APPEC?

f#ck you, John HoWARd, and the horse you rode in on !!!


dang me, dang me, they ought to take a rope and hang me...

(This is a reprint of a comment I made on the previous item, but since some readers don't drill down into the comments it might be missed, so here it is, floating on the surface, in full smell-o-rama...)

The bastards are still at it. The Gunns thing is a script straight out of The Corporation by Joel Bakan (a non-fiction book turned into a doco).

The Haneef Saga is another example of the depths to which this government is prepared to sink in order to reshape Australia in it's own image. If they get re-elected, I think I might hand back my citizenship (I've already handed back my war medals) at a suitably public event and then go top myself.

I am ***SO*** disgusted with this lying, cheating, racist, xenophobic, fear-mongering, megalomanic mob of HoWARd's mongrels dragging Australia backwards.

If the elections prove that these political prostitutes still have popular support, I will give up utterly. There will be no hope left after that. Everything I've valued about this society will have been destroyed. Everything I _thought_ I was fighting for in Vietnam will have been trashed.

I cannot find the words to describe the level of my rage!!!