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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Best Pollution Money Can Buy

Watching ABC's Media Watch last night, I think I learned a thing or two about the insanity behind Victoria's "green" electricity generation.

Fact 1:  Victoria has a bunch of wind farms generating a significant amount of clean, green electricity.

Fact 2:   Victoria uses very dirty brown coal in its electricity generators for their baseload supply.

Fact 3:   Victoria exports the electricity generated by the wind farms to South Australia and New South Wales.  Both SA and NSW use cleaner (but more expensive) black coal in their generators for their baseload supply.

If it was about making the biggest impact on reducing carbon pollution, you'd think Victoria would use their wind turbines to allow them to reduce the output from their very dirty brown coal generators, wouldn't you?

So why do they export it instead to SA and NSW?  "D''s the money, stupid!"   They get a bit more money from generators who can reduce the amount of black coal they consume. 

Carbon targets be damned!  It's about money!

And that reminds me of THIS >>>

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Musings Of A Global Village Idiot

On the topic of Western "civilisation", recent and not so recent events have caused me to frequently grapple with the following questions and/or variants thereof:

[1]     Is the term still relevant to today's world?
[1a]   If so, what does it mean in today's world?
[1b]   If not, why not, and, what term should now be used to replace it?

[2]     Is "the West" the superior culture it claims to be, or is it inferior, or has it gone mad?

[3]     Should it be lauded or "dealt with"?

[4]     What should the response be from the rest of the world?


Lack of a sufficient number of intelligent responses over the next three months will result in this blog's closure and its removal from this interweb thingie.  That's right, I can't be bothered with a blog with which people do not interact or engage. Once again I say "use it, or lose it."


Sunday, September 02, 2012

What's Gillard up to?

We're being kept in the dark - again.   Read this >>>