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Friday, November 16, 2012

Violence Begets Violence

It's killing time again in the Gaza Strip.   And it sickens me.  It sickens me that the Palestinian resistance is so bent on meeting Israel's violence with violence.

Israel is a psychopathic state.  It is mass-murderously and criminally insane.  It clearly intends to eventually dispossess most of the people living in the West Bank and Gaza.   Blind Freddy can see that.

But what really saddens me to the point of despair is that the lunatic strategists on the Palestinian side seem to think that the sustained campaign of indiscriminantly firing hundreds of Katyusha rockets into Israel is anything other than a mad death wish.

I guess the teachings of Buddha, Jesus, and Gandhi cannot penetrate the war-maddened minds of the poor Palestinians.   They clearly fail to understand that a massive peaceful people power uprising is the only way they will ever win in their struggle against Israel's evil agenda.

But what would I know... I'm only a fucked-in-the-head Vietnam veteran...

Go on you mad bastards, kill, kill, kill...  You're playing right into the hands of the Israelis.

It is to weep...

Saturday, November 03, 2012

The Abuse Of Courage And Trust

Corporal Dan Keighran, by all accounts, well and truly deserved the highest military honour the nation can bestow, the Victoria Cross.   Absolutely.

His is the third Victoria Cross awarded to soldiers who fought in the Afghanistan War.

At the award ceremony, Prime Minister Julia Gillard is reported to have said (in part):  "We acknowledge them because it is always important to accurately record the history of our nation and what makes our nation and these acts of courage speak to who we are as Australians."

Well, well, well... " accurately record the history of our nation..."

OK then, let me do my bit to accurately record the history of our nation.  Let me go into those great internet archives with these words:

We should never have joined the Americans in that evil war.  The Afghanistan War was an act of retribution and revenge for another evil act.  An act that should have been dealt with very differently.  An act for which the Afghan people (who had nothing to do with al Qaeda) did not deserve to die in the hundreds of thousands.

America likes to think of itself as a Christian country and yet there is nothing Christian about waging war.  Especially a war driven by the lust for revenge and retribution.  And Australia's history is forever tarnished by our participation in that war.

It is a gross abuse of our soldiers' courage and trust to send them into wars they should not be sent into.  Our politicians, and the Generals who did their bidding, should be held in disgrace for having sent Australian soldiers into the following follies of America's self-serving foreign policy:

The Vietnam War
The First Gulf War
The Second Gulf War
The Afghanistan War

Let the history of our nation record this too, Prime Minister Gillard!

And please stop telling all those lies, Prime Minister Gillard.  You're no better than John HoWARd and his war glorifying and war justifying predecessors.  STOP IT, PLEASE !!!