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Monday, March 26, 2012

Calling all Greens, calling all Greens...

If I were Bob Brown and the Greens I'd be hearing alarm bells right now.

What am I on about?

I'm talking about the result of the Queensland state elections held last Saturday.

Why should the Greens be concerned?


Labor got wiped out. So where did the Labor voters go? You'd think that the Greens would have benefited significantly from the electorate's disenchantment with Labor.


Well, the Greens did not even manage snaffle one seat in Queensland.

This does not bode well for the Greens. They'd better find out why they got stood up at the prom before whatever it is goes national.

You read it here first.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

What's a good little American Catholic to do?

(This blog item follows on from the previous one.)

On another website, "Claireoneill" made the following comment:

The root of the problem is politicians running the wars. Let the military do their job. These wars that drag on and on are for political reasons. War is horrible and people die- good people die and innocent people die as well as bad people and guilty people. The military men on the ground need to make the call not Washington. No one can avoid blood shed in war and people need to understand how gruesome it can be.

The idea of making countries over into good democratic societies is a political idea not a military one. The military needs to take control and to be honest all we can do is make it an occupied little America until a generation goes by and the children have grown up with American-like rights and freedoms. Then they will desire the freedoms they have grown up with. You can't just fight leave and think it will change. You can't remain and occupy the countries as police while they just keep playing the same tribal game.

If we are going to war do it, overthrow the country and make it an occupied holding until they know what true freedom is. Let American companies invest in them and help them rebuild. Then you show them how to run their government to benefit their country. I know of no other way. (Emphasis mine. Ed.)

I was in the Air Force Reserves right after Vietnam and was one of the first women in a combat unit to sign up to go to the front if needed, luckily I was not needed. I was not married and had no children. I had an important role to play in getting bombed out runways up and running within 24 hours. I take war seriously and since Vietnam or before we are have been trying to make nice during war and it can't happen. Men crack and men become heroes and neither intends to, they only intend to survive each and everyday. Families are destroyed and addictions happen all because war is an unnatural state, so do it quickly and fight hard to win not to further a cause. Fight to take control and win the war not to come to some political agreement with people that aren't ready for democracy. Then occupy and then teach. I see no other solution, so let us all be careful before we take to going to war. The world may not like us for being occupiers but just how do these politicians think they are going to get people to change their ways when there is no other example of life but their old way?

Assuming that "Claireoneill" is an American and a Christian, I am horrified that she can harbour such arrogant views. I wonder what percentage of Americans suffer from such an obnoxious superiority complex.

To me, it's truly frightening. Shades of the Master Race.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Echoes of Vietnam?

It is becoming clearer now that up to 20 US soldiers were involved in the a massacre of 16 civilians in the village of Belandi in the Panjway district of Afghanistan.

Reports are firming up that two groups of about ten soldiers each carried out the massacre.

So why is the US running with what now appears to be a lie, namely, that it was a lone, battle-scarred nutcase identified as Staff Sergeant Robert Bales?

Easy, they are trying to avoid any comparisons with the My Lai massacre in Vietnam. And they are trying to shield the larger group of murderers and its commanding officer. Imagine the stink caused by court marshalling twenty soldiers and their commanding officer.

Much easier to just pin it all on a fall guy. Just another whitewash by the American Empire of War and Lies. Go back to sleep and don't worry about it...

Last Thursday President Hamid Karzai asked the US to pull out all its troops from Afghan villages in response to the killings.

Further reading:

Update: Lo and behold, the US has bought off the eye witnesses to the tune of $50,000 each. THAT'S how you "manage perceptions".