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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Victory in Miami...

Less than two weeks ago, I wrote to ask your support for striking workers at the University of Miami. Those workers had chosen to go on hunger strike rather than bow down before a company which was refusing to grant them dignity
at work.

Today I am very pleased to report that the dispute is now over, and 450 poverty-wage janitors won the right to form a union and raise living standards for their families.

Your 5,000 messages of protest and solidarity represented one of the largest international trade union campaigns LabourStart has ever been involved in. That campaign took off like a rocket, flooding the inbox of the university president with hundreds of messages in the first few hours.

The workers in Miami were aware of your efforts and their own website was
periodically updated to reflect the growth of the international campaign you
were part of.

(Edited version of a Labourstart email I recieved)


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