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Friday, April 21, 2006

please support these hunger strikers...

This is a repost of an email I've received. I urge you to join the petition.
Every once in a while (actually more often than that) we get an appeal from workers which makes you sit up and really take notice. The hunger strike now taking place at the University of Miami, in the United States, is one of those times.

Janitors, housekeepers and groundkeepers at the university have been demanding what is a simple, basic human right -- the right to join a union. Their employer is threatening them and intimidating them, and the university is refusing to lift a hand to support them in their struggle.

They are demanding that former Clinton administration official Donna Shalala, who is president of the university, intervene in the dispute and tell the company (called UNICCO) to recognize these workers' right to form a union. Shalala is stubbornly refusing.

They have gone on a liquids-only hunger strike -- both the workers and a half dozen university students. Civil rights leaders, politicians and labour leaders have rallied to their cause. The workers are laying their very lives on the line for dignity at work. Already, several have been hospitalized.

They are asking us to do two very simple things:

1. Go right now to this page --
-- and send off your message to Donna Shalala.

2. Forward this email to everyone you know, especially students and others at universities. Publish it on your blogs and websites. Print it out and hang it on bulletin boards. Reproduce it in your newsletters.

Help us mobilize thousands, and then tens of thousands, to overwhelm Donna Shalala with emails of protest in the next few hours and days.

These workers must not feel that they are alone. Show them that they have the support of the entire international labour movement behind them! Participate in this protest today!

Solidarity forever!

Thank you.

Eric Lee
Works for me... Your voice DOES make a difference. Please participate. One day you, or someone you care about, may need similar support.

GET OFF YOUR ARSES AND GET ACTIVE !!!! If just this once...


Blogger phil said...

Gerry - done, but rather than solidarity forever I added "Freedom of association!"

April 21, 2006 10:11 PM  
Blogger Gerry said...

Good one, Phil. And one more reason for getting involved: Florida is the state run by George Bush's brother Jeb...

April 22, 2006 10:32 AM  

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