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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

a clue about iraq under saddam...

Watching the ABC program "Foreign Correspondent" tonight I caught this comment: "Iraq is largely a middle class society with middle class aspirations." This says lots. It says that Saddam's Ba'ath Party created a majority middle class. In other words, socialism can deliver!

This fits well with images I gleaned during the coverage of the war which showed me that there were well-built four-lane highways with well-designed rest-areas. Hardly the image of a struggling nation. Keeping in mind that the images I saw showed an Iraq which had been under crippling economic sanctions imposed by America for more than ten years. Yep, Saddam was a monster. So is George Bush...

This is, once again, about greedy Big Business investors trying to trash Socialism because they can't make money out of it (because the wealth doesn't go into their selfish mega-rich Armani pockets, but gets put back into public (community) assets and services. D'oh...


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