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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

the oldest profession...

It's often said that prostitution is the oldest profession. But I've been thinking...
I think the oldest profession is the god business. How did I arrive at this "truth"? Easy, picture if you will, the first idiot to invent the concept of "god". I got the image of a grunting caveman assigning all manner of things to a god. Crops failing, illness, deaths, etc. All because the stupid dork didn't understand anything.

Anyway, way back then, there was apparently no need for prostitution, because if you wanted a woman, you apparently just clubbed her into submission and had your way with her. So it's clear that the god business preceded prostitution as the earliest profession. And what a great profession it was too.

The person who convinced the others in the tribe that s/he was a conduit to or spokesperson for some higher authority/power had immense power over the tribe.
Anyone disagreeing with, or doubting the authority of this person could be killed.
Not an atmosphere which stimulated debate or inquiry.

And so, religious bigotry was created. To sanctify this bigotry, "faith" and "belief" were elevated to the status of holiness when all along they were nothing more than the dodgy pillars of bigotry. The dumbing-down of the population was herewith enshrined. Since then, the "strength" of a person's "faith" was measured by the degree of ossification of their bigotry. Stupidity became a virtue, a cornerstone of religion.

Today, thousands of years later, many are still in the vice-like grip of the bigotry-inspired stupidity which prevents them from breaking free from ancient and illogical superstitions. Talk about sheep... baa-a, baa-a, baa-a... And our politicians love it...


Blogger Owen Jones said...

They say there's one born every minute. Now they're converging on the Hills Song church and the like and voting for Family First. It is like a cult. A charismatic leader that asks for donations. Seems you can get away with being an asshole as long as you turn up to church on Sunday and make a contribution. My wife last night was talking about what the stats might be like if we were able to see the percentage of crimes perpetuated by people associated with these churches. The child and wife abuse, embesslement etc. I fear them more than any god. Got me thinking about a documentary based on infiltrating such a church and finding out what really goes on with our fine, upstanding members of the community.

October 12, 2004 3:23 PM  
Blogger Gerry said...

I doubt you'd blend in, somehow. But don't be too harsh on the poor little bigots - they're conditioned to be that way. It's the bloody leaders I hold accountable. They _know_ what they're doing and that makes them culpable. Shysters, liars and con-merchants, the lot of them.

October 12, 2004 4:28 PM  

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