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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

a world war III scenario...

How can you guess the intention and agenda behind what happens? Well, one way is to see it all like a game of chess. A player makes a move, you analyse it.

You ask questions like:
What is he up to?
What is he threatening, and why?
Where might he go from there?
What's his strategy?
And you try to second-guess his game plan several moves ahead.

So let's analyse the Americans' game so far and see what we can deduce:
Using 9/11 as a pretext, they've installed their military and friendly governments in Afghanistan and Iraq. Part of this strategy has forced Pakistan to align itself more closely with America. Russia is supportive - it's allowing American bases on its soil. They are in South Korea. They are in Guam. They own Alaska. They surround China stategically. China has nuclear missiles and America has just re-energised its Star Wars program.

Iraq, under Bad Boy Saddam, because he was mad at the Yanks for suckering him into the first Gulf War and for the cruel and crippling sanctions which followed, refused to sell oil to America and was a potential major and happy supplier of oil to China. Iraq is the second biggest oil field in the world and now, having invaded Iraq and dickering with Iraqi "democracy", America seeks to control where that oil goes.

China is the second largest consumer of oil in the world and America now has it's hands on most of the taps. It can control the flow. Oil is an essential resource when fighting a war. The military cannot operate without oil.

China is emerging as an economic superpower. If China manages to get it's economy cranked up, the Yanks are in deep trouble. The Yanks cannot even conceive the idea of Not Being Number One and Not In Control. The Yanks have got a very long history of manufacturing wars in order to further their agenda.

The Yanks are excellent at propaganda. They are very good at engineering situations so that it looks to the untrained eye as if the target of their strategy is the aggressor when in fact the real aggressor, all along, is America. (Read "Killing Hope" and "Rogue State" by William Blum, and also "Rogue States" by Noam Chomsky. And that's just for starters. Get back to me when you're done with these and I'll feed you more "required reading".)

Can you see a pattern yet to America's more recent machinations? If you look at it like a chess game, America is preparing to attack China. But you gotta make it look like China is the villain, the aggressor. That's the next phase.

That's the phase where they try provoke China into attacking Taiwan. America has a treaty with Taiwan... Another way is to convince the public that China is a rogue state and is posing a global threat - where have we heard that line of rhetoric before, I wonder...

Remember, China, without outside interference, is about to surpass America as the biggest economy in the world. A well-conducted war would smash China's infrastructure and production capablility. Such a war would set it back 50 years.

Ask yourself who, out of China and America, is more in need of a war?

Now ask yourself, given America's track record of interventionism, need-to-control, and aggression, whether it will just sit back and watch China do its humble free trade thing.

The way I read everything that's happened since the collapse of the Soviet Union, America is posturing for a war with China.

Has anyone considered the human cost of such a war? Hundreds of millions would die, many more would be maimed. America has never been bothered by such things - in fact, it prides itself with inflicting the higher body-count. The only thing that America worries about is the cost to its own people and it has excellent technology to minimise that.

I think we've been sucked into supporting the Yanks in World War III. I think WWIII has already started, by using 9/11 as the pretext to invade Afghanistan and Iraq. I think Iran and Korea would be the next stepping stones to a war with China, but if public opinion is a problem here, they will go straight for China. No problemo.

Look for warning signs. The gradual and systematic vilification and demonisation of China would be an indicator. Racism has already been cranked up to new heights in America, Britain, Europe and Australia, so that shouldn't be too much of a problem.

Watch this space.


Blogger Jeff said...

Gerry, your comments this time around are insane! Wait. It's beginning to look more and more like George W. might spend another four years in the White House. Gerry, your comments this time around just might have some merit.

September 29, 2004 1:01 PM  
Blogger The Editor said...

Have you nothing better to do than read my blog, Jeff? Don't get me wrong, you're my best customer and I'd hate to lose you. It's just that people are talking, Jeff. Some are saying it's me, posting to myself.

Now, about what you said. We'll only find out I'm right if it happens. I'd rather find out I'm wrong.

September 29, 2004 1:14 PM  
Blogger The Ranting Human said...

You've got some quite logical points there. I think you're right about Iran being the stepping stone. Iran went nuclear recently, remember?

September 29, 2004 3:18 PM  
Blogger The Editor said...

The more I read about what America _really_ got up to in the last 100 years, it gets clearer and clearer that America is not at all interested in democracy or freedom for anyone but itself. In fact it tramples both whenever it is "in its interests".

And the only "intersts" America has is money and global control, the latter being seen as a means to the former. The rest of us are merely slaves for their machine. And as far as democracy within America is concerned, we can find no shortage of examples that it is a total sham - a cruel farce.

September 29, 2004 3:30 PM  
Blogger Lavanya said...

Oh wow. One leading to another. BRILLIANT! By the way, I don't think China needs war. They're going smoothly on their way to superpowerdom and dont need hitches. But then again, it's the oil, isn;t it?

October 03, 2004 4:49 PM  
Blogger The Editor said...

Thanks, Hobbes, you're too kind (and I love it).

And yes, it's about oil. It's about oil as a requisite for power and the barbaric lengths the US will go to in order to maintain it's "God ordained mission" to rule the world. If we're talking about the pure mechanics of megalomania, no worries, but the bastards keep introducing lies like "democracy", "freedom", "peace",
"war on terror", etc, etc, ad nauseam.

As I said, bastards!

October 05, 2004 11:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Waa, waa, waa, Pick up a history book. in the 1930s - 1940s the U.S. was a nation of isolationist and pacifist. FDR only won re-election by promising not to send our boys off to fight in forign wars. The U.S. based its security on the League of Nations and the European powers to contain Germany and Japan. Pick-up a history book and read how well that strategy worked. Without the U.S most of the world would be speaking either German, Japanese, or Russian. So you think the Yanks are now the big bullies? Well, lets pick-up some more history books and read what happens when the U.S. minds its own business. Can you say Cambodia, sure, I know you could. The U.S. did nothing, and guess what nobody did. One third of the population murdered and nobody did a thing. Can you say Rwanda, again the U.S. did nothing. Would you like to take a guess on that body count. Kosovo, Europe did nothing until the Yanks promised to get involved. Waaa, Waa, Waaa, all you want. When the Yanks do nothing, the rest of the World turns their heads as people die. I'll end with a heads-up to all you Aussies. You are only a stone throw from China. Watch the next couple of years. China is the real military super power and they have some interesting theories regarding their national interest. Do a little research, then decide if you still want to rag on us Yanks.

June 29, 2005 5:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry, I should of added. China is now the number two oil consumer. Based on current rates of consumption, China will be number one by the end of this decade. Like I said they have some interesting theroies on how they should protect their interest. Do a little research, or is it against pop-culture to suggest someone other than the U.S. may have some national intrest.

June 29, 2005 5:50 AM  
Blogger The Editor said...

"Anonymous", I'll deconstruct your pile of ill-informed American bullshit in due course.

In the meantime, think of a name you might like to use to identify yourself when commenting here. Any name will do; we already know you don't have the balls to use your real name.

Ideally, you would have your own blog where your impeccable ideas can be viewed, analysed, and responded to, but that wouldn't fit your profile as the gutless, nameless, purveyor of American misinformation, propaganda and just plain wrongness, now would it?

I've got a name for you: Wee Willie. There you go...

June 29, 2005 7:04 AM  
Blogger The Editor said...

Here's a bit of a history lesson for you Wee Willie:

Maj Gen Smedley Butler, a US marine, was awarded two Medals of Honor. He had this to say >>> in 1933.

Ex-Marine Sergeant Chris White, who is currently working on his doctorate in history at the University of Kansas, comparing Butler's analysis to more recent times,
has this to say >>>

Then there's William Blum. He's ex-State Department. He left the State Department in 1967 because he was pissed-off with what the US was doing in Vietnam. He's an investigative journalist and author writing mainly on US foreign policy issues.

In 1999 he was one of the recipients of Project Censored's awards for "exemplary journalism" for writing one ofthe top ten censored stories of 1998, an article on how , the 1980's, the US gave Iraq the material to develop chemical and biological warfare capability.

He wrote three books which you might like to read before being so sure you have even the remotest idea about what your country has really been up to during these last 100 years:

(1) Rogue State: a Guide to the World's Only Superpower (2000)
(2) West-Bloc Dissent: A Cold War Memoir (2002)
(3) Killing Hope: US Military & CIA Interventions since World War II

You said: "FDR only won re-election by promising not to send our boys off to fight in foreign wars."

Yeah, Maj Gen Butler had set a few people straight about a few things, so for a few years, the dogs of war were kept at home. In fact, Butler exposed a plot by some "Businessmen" to topple the government of the day. They wanted him to stage a military coup. He blew the whistle instead.

In 1941, there was a Top Secret signal from CINCPAC at Pearl Harbour advising Washington that the Japs might be on the way to trash the Pacific fleet there. Washington needed a major incident to change public opinion, so they buried the message and did nothing. The fleet stayed put. Several hours later - well we all know what happened then... Thousands of dead sailors and marines. Well, that's a recent story doing the rounds anyhow. I have no trouble believing it. There's plenty about it on the internet if you want to hunt down some believable sources.

You said "Can you say Cambodia, sure, I know you could. The U.S. did nothing, and guess what nobody did. One third of the population murdered and nobody did a thing."

Oh dear, your boundless ignorance is on display here as well. The US did plenty in Cambodia. See (3). There's a whole chapter devoted to it.

Sihanouk wanted Cambodia to remain neutral and buddhist. The US had other ideas. When he wouldn't join that bunch of thieves, SEATO, the US used Thailand and South Vietnam to try to blockade Cambodia's main trade routes by getting the borders to these two countries closed. Then military incursions into Cambodia began, using Thai troops and South Vietnamese commandoes. US planes flew strafing and bombing sorties. From 1969 to 1973, US bombs killed between 50,000 and 150,000 Cambodian peasants. This is exactly the period during which Khmer Rouge (KR) forces grew from 1,500 to over 200,000 soldiers. The CIA itself acknowledged that the bombings played a major part in this huge increase in recruitment which of course lead to the KR taking control of the country in 1975 and then "the killing fields" episode followed shortly thereafter.

In 1979, when the Vietnamese Army overthrew the KR and established the Peoples Republic of Kampuchea and re-opened the cities and schools, the US and China, working together, covertly supported the KR. Carter, Reagan and Bush (the first) all were party to covert support for Pol Pot's KR. Brzezinski echoed Kissinger’s earlier policy when he revealed that in 1979: ‘I encouraged the Chinese to support Pol Pot. Pol Pot was an abomination. We could never support him, but China could.’ Washington ‘winked, semi-publicly’ at Chinese and Thai aid to the Khmer Rouge. Want to know more? Read some stuff by Ben Kiernan, a Yale professor and recognised expert on South East Asia.

Oh yes, the US played a major part in screwing Cambodia from 1955 right through to the late 1980's.

I don't think I need to deal with the rest of your ignorant outburst, Wee Willie, except to finish up by saying that China poses much less of a military threat to the world than the US.

Your ignorance of the US's true roles in world affairs is almost complete and that's how successive governments have always intended it to be. You've been brainwashed, dude.

If you want to start to inform yourself a bit, I suggest you start by reading William Blum's Killing Hope: US Military & CIA Interventions since World War II. It even has some great appendices:
Appendix II: Instances of Use of US Armed Forces Abroad, 1798-1945
Appendix III: US Government Assassination Plots

And after that, Wee Willie, you can work your way through the booklist in the right hand sidebar of this blog. Each item is a link to a review of the book listed.

If you don't want to read those books, I'll understand. They're the sort of books people can't afford to read if they want to hang on to their ridiculous myths about America. It's sad that in America the word patriot is generally synonymous with pig-ignorant bigot. That says heaps about Americans, don't you think?

June 30, 2005 11:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My name? why waste my time. History is like politics and religion you can manipulate it to make any point you like. It all depends on your prospective. Are you a communist? a anarchist?

I just enjoy raging on people who bash the U.S. Name me one world power that did not rape as much of the world as its powerbase would permit.

I can even bring it down a level. How many goverments can you name that did not rape and pillage its own citizens or neighbors up to the limit of its powebase.

Who would you hold up as the model of world power. China? The Soviet Union? North Korea? Iran?

Lets look the world over and see what we find. Africa, blacks killing blacks because of ethnic, religious or political affiliations. Middle East, again lets kill our neighbor, for basically the same reasons as above. Asia, ok, I think you got my point. The whole world pretty much hates the whole world.

Pick your posion. Do you want to justify your hatred based on race, religion, political views, wealth, scarce resources, etc.... Human history is a cesspool of hate, rape and murder.

All of you enlighten one, I ask you your solution. I argue the point that cream rises to the top. Rather, Shit floats. Pick one, any powerful nation, over any extended time, over any period of modern history.

You thought you had me pegged as a brainwashed U.S. patriot. Think again. You like to rag on the U.S. Do you think an unrestrained China, Iran, North Korea would treat the world any better.

Anonymous, I would rather stay anonymous than give even a fake name to the enlighten ones. Other than me, becaused by now you are really fuming, who do you hate? Who would you kill in the name of your ideology? How would you decide who has and who has not. How would you share wealth, power?

July 02, 2005 6:47 AM  
Blogger The Editor said...

Ok, anon, I won't call you wee willie, because that was an insult.

So, let's see if I got it right: You come in here aggressively and superciliously (as Americans have a reputation for doing) suggesting I don't know my history. So, out of the goodness of my heart, I give you a history lesson which exposes you as an ignoramus. In doing so, I point out that America, for at least the last 100 years has raped and pillaged the world through its capitalism, justifying it by glibly stating that it was acting "in America's interests" and anyone who resisted was subjected to military onslaughts which have murdered millions, I say again, millions in the process.

So you now do a deft about-face by bleating self-righteously "but everyone else has been doing it". As if that is some sort of justification. As if two wrongs make a right, eh?

Is that the best argument you can come up with? If it is, you're utterly corrupt in your thinking.

Am I a communist or an anarchist? Read all of my blog (from the beginning) and you'll know what I am. Among other things I am Saint Gerry of the Blue Mountains. I am the First Patriarch of The Church of Jesus. I am a pacifist. I do not hate anyone but I am very very very angry with SUV-driving, mass murdering oil thieves and those who support them.

To get a broader picture of the areas to which my anger extends, read The Corporation by Joel Bakan. And that's just for starters. Get back to me once you've gotten that far and we'll continue this line of debate. But there's no point in trying to debate with an ignoramus.

Iran, North Korea, China? These countries do not pose military threats to the world at large. It's you megalomaniacs with the world's most powerful military who we're most worried about right now. You're out of control, you've gone nuts and no one trusts you anymore. Furthermore, we've seen what really drives you guys and it's ugly.

So first inform yourself a bit. Your god (if such a misogynistic, totalitarian tyrant actually exists) knows your education system is mere propaganda. So now if you really do wish to finally start to grow a brain, you'll have to read all the stuff they didn't want you to read. And it will challenge everything which they told you was The Absolute Truth. Are you up for it? I don't know...

You've come to the right place by coming here. This is pretty much well a one-stop-shop for self-education. I'll help you if you want, but only if you start doing the hard yards yourself.

This is Bootcamp Of The Mind here and I'll be your drill sergeant. Is that OK, maggot??

July 03, 2005 2:48 AM  

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