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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

a little gem...

Found this on a blog that changes so drastically and so often that putting in a link to the relevant article is utterly pointless (sigh), as is getting angry about it:
Anger closes the heart. It is hot, burning, fire. In its passion it pushes away, condemns, and makes everything wrong except itself. Your heart goes out of reach, and you lose basic sanity. Anger can appear as irritation, frustration, fury, rage and hatred; repressed anger can manifest as depression, emptiness, coldness. Because it contains so much energy, anger is not all wrong - it is an expression of the passion for justice and fairness, for basic rightness - so in denying it you are also denying your feelings, your engagement and passions for life, for what is appropriate and humane. But the expression of anger can cause tremendous damage and hurt; it is described as a single match that can begin a forest fire. The fallout can be huge and you invariably have no control over the repercussions, Finding a way through this, where you can keep your passion but change your unskillful means of expressing it, is the path of transforming it into gold.' ~ Ed & Deb Shapiro, Unconditional Love: How to Live With an Open Heart in a Changing World, pp. 68-9.
One day I will learn to deal with my anger better...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

When did you post that, Gerry? See, there is hope for you! (Oops, that'll piss you off more...)

October 20, 2004 7:54 AM  
Blogger Gerry said...

You're imping me. :-)

October 20, 2004 1:36 PM  
Blogger Dave Riley said...

Check out this logo for your site

October 23, 2004 11:54 AM  

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