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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

left, left, left right left...

Private health insurance and Medicare (the two-tier system) vs Medicare-only (universal, single-tier, health care system). Here's my dilemma:

Under the two-tier system, those with the money for private health insurance jump the queue so to speak; they use their (comparative) wealth to hijack the services that ought to be there for all, whilst the poor just keep getting pushed further to the back of the queue and the waiting lists get longer and longer. No incentive to fix the system, because only the disenfranchised suffer, and who cares about them, eh? The rich survive whilst the the poor die. Nice one. Very humane.

Under a universal (single-tier) health care system, there would be only one queue. The rich and the poor all in the same line. Can you imagine the fuss the rich and influential would create if they had to wait for their health care? Things would get fixed pronto, wouldn't they? And that would be good for everyone, wouldn't it?

That's why people ought to vote for Labor or the Greens. But, hey, forget about those "losers", vote Liberal, vote for an unfair two-tier system, right? Right! Damn Right!!!

Well, that's why I'm Left and proud of it! You don't have to be a pseudo zen master to figure that one out...


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