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Saturday, July 23, 2005

racism and "the war on terror"...

(This started as a comment further down in this blog, but it's too good to leave hidden there.)

I think the Coalition of the Killing's mass murder and vilification of Islam has bred a lot of racism (both amongst Anglophones and the victims of Anglophones). It started well before 9/11 with how "Islamic terrorism" has been explained to the people via a whole bunch of Big Lies.

And now, you'll notice we're using every propaganda device possible to get our people to back this current bunch of murderous liars when they decide to attack China. The "fear China" campaign has started. They know fear leads to hate quicktime. And hatred supports wars.

I don't think I'm exaggerating when I predict that in the not too distant future the War On Truth will be so far advanced that people who say what I'm saying now will be silenced under new "anti-terrorism" laws.

That's why I say that if the American (and the British, but more importantly, the American) people do not stage a mass revolt (via peaceful people power of course) to read the riot act to these maniacs, a window of opportunity will close and dissent will be brutally stamped out, resulting in a period of NeoCon Inquisition which will go on for centuries in a Brave New World within which I will refuse to live (that's if they haven't killed me by then.)

I'm not at all joking when I say that the fate of the world right now rests with the American people. If they do nothing now, it'll all be too late by the time the next elections come (and by then the bastards' propaganda grip will be so tight our eyes will water.)

Let me also use this as another opportunity to say "Hi" to those psychopathic dorks working for the NSA, CIA, FBI, GCHQ, ASIO, DIO, AFP, etc, and their respective military muscle. You are the real traitors to humanity, democracy and freedom. I hope you all rot in hell.

Fuck you George Bush, Tony Blair, John Howard and your entourage of sell-out merchants. I hope history does to you that which decency and the law prevents me from doing to you... You BASTARDS !!!

The thought of mounting a hunger strike outside our Federal Government building is starting to get real solid. I'd just need to get the right media and personal support network in place and then I might be up for it...

Might see you at Gitmo, dudes and dudettes.


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