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Monday, November 01, 2004

water sports...

Why is Britain using its aid money to persuade South Africa to privatise its public services? George Monbiot has this to say:
No one could have accused the Conservative government of breaking its promise to bring back Victorian values. When, in 1992, it permitted private water companies to install pre-paid meters in Birmingham, the people who couldn’t afford to flush their toilets started defecating into pots, which they then emptied out of the windows of their tower blocks. Full story >>>

And when you've read George's article in its entirety, you should go here >>>

And then you will begin to understand why Britain and America have absolutely no qualms about stealing the world's oil as well. If you get in their way they will kill you. The shareholders, your investment and your superannuation fund managers all insist upon it!

Enjoy your glitzy lifestyle, little piggies, the rest of the world is suffering so that you can swank around the place preening your pathetically overgrown egoes! And remember, little piggies: capitalism good, socialism bad. Say it with me now, little piggies: "capitalism good, socialism bad, capitalism good, socialism bad, capitalism good, socialism bad, capitalism good, socialism bad, capitalism good, socialism bad, capitalism good, socialism bad..." (sigh)


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