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Thursday, August 26, 2004

watercorp regrets to advise...

"Due to shareholder priorities, you no longer have access to your local water supply." A bad dream? Think again! It's happening all around you as you procrastinate and equivocate. Try this on for size:
Water privatisation - global domination by a few Most of the world's water and sewerage systems, in developed and developing countries alike, are run by public sector bodies. However, neo-liberal economic policies, and especially the policies of the World Bank, have driven an expansion in privatisation.
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And then there's the privatisation of Bolivia's water, including its rainwater. For those of you yet to get on board, that means that some Very Rich US Shareholders now control where your local water goes if you're unlucky enough to live in Bolivia:
"The next world war will be over water," remarked the former Vice-President of the World Bank, Ismail Serageldin, some years ago. That cliched quote, while highlighting the potential for conflict among nations in a water-starved world, does not quite reflect the rising tide of popular anger against growing inequalities in the distribution of water within countries, resulting in water-haves and water have-nots.
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But here in Australia, although water-table levels are falling alarmingly, we have nothing to worry about. The US Free Trade Agreement will guarantee that water will flow towards Australia in amazing quantities. Right? Wrong!!!

You might like to inform yourself about the degree to which just one US corporation, Coca-Cola Amatil, has been buying up water rights, right accross Australia, including bore water and natural spring water rights.

And in the eventuality of a global water shortage, do you really think that the major US shareholders of Coca-Cola Amatil will allow that water to be made availabe to you, an impoverished local resident?

Do you really think that you will be able to match the prices "the US market" will be prepared to pay for this water?

Do you really understand what is meant by "free trade"? If you don't, good luck to you. You will need it! Your very life might depend upon it!


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