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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

who wants to be a patriot...

I'm told I'm supposed to be patriotic. Like it's a noble thing to be, or something. Ok, so let's get into this thing then.. First, the OED definition:

patriot one who defends or is zealous for his country's prosperity, freedom, or rights;

There's huge problems staring back at me here. Can you see them too? How can I be a patriot and a citizen of the world as well?

Can I be zealous for my country's prosperity if that means we're complicit in invading, murdering, dispossessing, exploiting, and enslaving the people of other countries in order to achieve this prosperity? No, I cannot. Looks like I've failed The First Test of Patriotism.

Can I be zealous for my country's freedom if we use our freedom to rob others of theirs? No, I cannot. So, I've failed The Second Test of Patriotism as well.

Can I be zealous for my country's rights whilst we recklessly trample on, or ignore, the rights of people in other countries? No, I cannot. Oh dear, I've also failed The Third Test of Patriotism.

Looks like I'm an utter failure in the patriotism stakes. But wait! Would I fight to the death if someone did to me what we're doing to the rest of the world? It's quite possible... Yea! I'm a patriot, by jingo! I'll quickly race outside now and proudly hoist the Australian flag on my shiny new flagpole!

Not Happy, John!!!


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