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Sunday, September 05, 2004

with the wisdom of hindsight...

"With the wisdom of hindsight..." Wonderful phrase, that. Used so eloquently by politicians and foreign policy decision-makers, whenever you try to pin them down about their wrong-headed decision-making. What a beautiful escape clause.

You can commit the most blatant atrocities and war crimes in foreign lands, justify them with lies, deceptions wrought by distorting "intelligence" to say whatever fits your bigoted, selfish, racist agenda. Then, if later it all gets questioned and you're looking pretty sick, you just trot out this wonderful piece of rhetoric "Well, yes, I agree that with the wisdom of hindsight..." and you just sidestep all responisibility very nicely.

According to most legal systems, ignorance is no excuse, yet as a politician you can consign millions to death and later plead ignorance and that's accepted? Why? Well, it's because these slimeballs don't accept "the rule of law" when it comes to international law. I'd say that any state whose government flaunts international law should be deemed a rogue state by the international community and treated accordingly.

Let's start with the U.S., Britain, Israel and Russia! Why not inform yourselves on how many interational laws, conventions and UN resolutions these four nuclear-armed rogue states flaunt on a daily basis?

Whilst the majority of the citizens of these rogue states condone this behaviour, they are accomplices to their nations' war crimes (that's the other side to this wonderful thing called "democracy") and you can now understand why the citizens of these rogue states are considered fair game by the freedom fighters of the countries/cultures/ religions being threatened by these bully-states.

Is the penny dropping yet, my little bigots, jingoists, racists, hypocrites, and religious lunatics, hmmm? Not in my name, you don't, you bastards!!!

Now, where did I put my medication...


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