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Friday, September 03, 2004

the end of days...

We may really be close to "The End of Days" as the Bible puts it. But not because of any Divine Plan, rather, that time is close because religious fanatics have been let loose on the planet. The false prophets of hate and fear have taken over.

We've got fundamentalist Christian fanatics running America. Fundamentalist Zionist fanatics are running Israel, and fundamentalist Islamist fanatics are reacting to America's and Israel's machinations and wreaking havoc.

The lunatics have taken over the assylum and they don't care if they trash the planet in the name of God. They are all stark raving mad. America has the world's largest nuclear arsenal, now in the hands of religious fanatics. Israel is rumoured to have somewhere between 200-400 nuclear weapons and these are also now in the hands of religious fanatics. And when you inform yourself enough about the machinations of these two powers over the last few decades, you begin to understand what's driving the Islamic religious fanatics utterly mad. We must all walk away from these merchants of war and hate, and seek out teachers of peace and love.

The people empower these fanatics and the people can disempower them. It's up to you, the people. "You're the voice, try and understand it." Peaceful people power worked in India. It worked in Poland. It worked in East Berlin, It worked in Russia, it worked in Romania. It stopped the Vietnam war. And peaceful people power can stop this madness now.

Intolerance, hate, vengeance and war are not the answer. Tolerance, understanding, love, forgiveness and peace are the only answer. Listen to what your religious teachers are telling you. If they are justifying war and hate, walk away from them. have nothing to do with filling-up such ungodly houses. Find teachers who will have nothing to do with war and hate. If you cannot find such teachers, practice your faith privately and with peace and love in your heart. It is really insane to commit mass murder in the name of any God. And if you think your God wants you to go out and kill other people, find another God because that one has gone mad. Or maybe you have...

Don't go insane, go sane!

Saint Gerry of the Blue Mountains has again shown you the way. You are no
longer lost. Follow the path. Do not stray. Any questions?


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