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Sunday, August 29, 2004

it's all starting to unravel - part 1...

Well, it's 3.35am, I can't sleep (again), and it looks like my "writer's blockage" has unblocked itself. My head's full of thoughts, which I'll try to get down now in some sort of order, but it'll probably get messy.

I'll start with broad brushstrokes in this post, and I'll flesh-in later, ok? Forget about typo's and such, you're all big boys and girls now, ok? (Anyway, I'll come back later and fix them up. I usually do.) So, here goes:

Nothing big. Just little, easy issues. Trivialities such as Truth, Culture, Civilisation, that's all...

It all started with the thought that the world seems to be headed for some sort of mono-culture. One culture is gobbling up all cultures in its path. Remember the Pac Man computer game? It's a lot like that. The culture that's doing all the gobbling, the runaway cultural virus for which there is no antidote (or so it seems) is of course, Western culture.

Those of us who live within this culture can see nothing wrong with it, and we call it "Civilisation". And we never question the "rightness" of our culture. That's one of the things which defines a culture - the unwillingness or inablility of its victims to question it. It's a hypnotic state which in any fair court of law would give you grounds for acquittal of all sorts of crimes committed whilst under its spell.

Well, it seems that a while ago, I don't know when exactly, someone or something snapped their fingers and I woke up from this hypnosis. I think others may have also. I guess they'll have to lock us up now. They'll have to figure out a way of putting us back in the Petri dish before we get out of the lab and out of the building and out onto the streets and spread right through this wonderful "Civilisation", snapping our fingers and waking everybody up. ("Oh, the horror, the horror...")

"Truth" has a habit of being contageous. Stop reading now, if you can. Before you become infected by it, if you're not already...

And if you are infected, your mind's probably already full of stuff you want to say in your own blog, so I'll finish here for now. Just a quick reminder for you to give this blog a plug (or better still, link to it) as you go on your own merry way, blogging your head off. Off you go, now!

(It's 5.30am now and after heaps of editing and re-editing I can finally leave this masterpiece and go back to bed.)

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