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Sunday, August 29, 2004

it's all starting to unravel - part 2...

Ok, let's work with this bit from Part 1:
Those of us who live within this (Western) culture can see nothing wrong with it, and we call it "Civilisation". And we never question the "rightness" of our culture. That's one of the things which defines a culture - the unwillingness or inablility of its victims to question it. It's a hypnotic state which in any fair court of law would give you grounds for acquittal of all sorts of crimes committed whilst under its spell.
In our hypnotised state, we believe that ours is the "right", "superior" culture. You wouldn't expect hypnotised people to act otherwise, right?

And in this hypnotised state, people could even be convinced that it's "only right" to convert others to this culture, right?

People would even be convinced, in such a state of hypnosis, that they ought to engage in a "war of liberation" in order to enforce the establishment of such a "right" and "superior" culture on those not so "fortunate" or "advanced", right?

There's just one small problem. It's only true for you whilst you're in this culture-induced hypnosis. There is no absolute truth for any of this. The same goes for all other cultures. It's also true for all religions. The only absolute truth is that there are no absolute truths. It's all just a matter of cultural or religious conditioning, and such conditioning is hypnosis.

And now we've got the situation where a culture which has the biggest military might by far is imposing itself on the rest of the globe, because of no demonstrable absolute "rightness" or "superiority" other than "might is right".

So, those with the means and the will to carry out the biggest slaughter, those with the biggest stick, get to rule the world? We call this "Civilised"? If ever there was proof for the old adage "power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely", we're staring at it right now.

The rest of the world must unite to put the U.S. and Britain back in their place. Don't worry about Australia, we'll be with you all the way just as soon as we can see that you're going to succeed. We Australians are real moral leaders, we are. Isn't that right, Mr Howard?


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