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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

out of the mouths of majors..

An Australian Army Major, on ABC's Lateline, 30 Aug 2004, explaining what we're actually doing in Iraq, put it this way: "We're here to further Australia's interests." Now that's an honest statement. We're not there to further Iraq's interests, we're there to further "Australian interests". That's code for "the interests of Big Business".

Now that might almost be a reasonable activity if it didn't involve our complicity in the mass-murder of thousands of Iraqi civillians and a hundred thousand or two of their hapless soldiers (of which we've heard virtually nothing) in order to further "Australian interests".

I'm sick of Big Business dictating our foreign policy. I'm sick of the mass-murdering that's happening globally to further Big Business "interests".

If I as an individual go about killing people in order to further my business interests, I'd rightly be seen as a murdering criminal. When mega-corporations, via the government of America and it's toadies, via their military might, go marauding globally, murdering hundreds of thousands of people, cumulatively millions of people, they get away with it.

I'm utterly sick of the human and environmental price being paid by people in "the developing"(majority) world just so we in the "developed"(minority) world can enjoy greedy, selfish, consumerised, hedonistic lifestyles bought by mass-murder, plunder, and destruction of the planet. It has to stop!

It's no wonder that people from countries, cultures and religions being utterly raped "in our interests" are striking back at us in our own countries. It's the only way we'll pay attention. It was always going to happen if we didn't curb our murderous, greedy and unethical way of "doing business" and forcing our cultural "values" upon others.

And now, we've gone too far to admit we're wrong. The war crimes carried out in the name of our wonderful lifestyle are too huge. So we're just going destroy any country, culture and/or religion from which their freedom fighters stike back at us.

Thank you America, thank you Big Business, thank you ball boys!


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