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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

re-writing history...

The re-writing of history, in relation to Marcel Caux, began as soon as he died.

An internet search conducted yesterday produced the following results:

Channel Seven, Channel Nine, The Age, The Herald Sun, The Daily Telegraph, The Sunday Times, The Sunday Telelgraph, The Mercury, The Townsville Bulletin, and, for all I know, every Packer and Murdoch media outlet (I'll leave that research project to paid journalists), all "forgot" to mention that Marcel Caux was strongly outspoken against war in general, and our participation in the Iraq war in particular.

Only The Sydney Morning Herald and The ABC remembered to mention it.

Rusty Priest, a former president of the RSL in NSW, who is reported to be a close and long-time friend of Mr Caux, and who gave a eulogy at Mr Caux's funeral, also apparently "forgot" to mention that he was strongly outspoken against war, or if he did mention it, the media apparently "forgot" to report it..

Since Marcel Caux's strong pacifist stand was central to who he was, I cannot help but think that those who "forgot" to mention it were engaging in blatant and deliberate attempts to re-write history.

I hope this helps to set the record straight.

Lest we forget...


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