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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

oops, I've lost my balance...

It's been pointed out that I'm presenting an unbalanced outlook. Well, I am unbalanced. Along with a whole lot of people, 9/11 and the U.S. killing spree that followed has unbalanced me. However, it's been said I was unbalanced before that, so let's say I'm now even more unbalanced. What's a poor little platypus to do?

I see globalisation as a huge evil money machine that will in the end create a very small elite of super-rich who will be serviced by a middle class mesmerised by consumerism, Big Media and religion whilst billions will be left destitute and without voice. And this unstoppable machine will strip the planet bare of resources and pollute it terminally. I see US-controlled institutions as the main architects of globalisation. And they'll call it "economics driven democracy".

I see the "war on terror" as a monstrous deception waged to disguise US intimidation of the globe whilst it installs globalisation. And Israel has jumped on that bandwagon to crank up its war crimes in Palestine. Yes, Islam has gone mad, but decades of Western interference, meddling and exploitation had driven them close to the brink, and now globalisation presents them with an upcoming fait accompli they find utterly unacceptable.

I assert there would be very little Islamic/Palestinian terrorism if the Israelis pulled out of Gaza and the West Bank and if the US got out of Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan and anywhere else where they are unwelcome. But that's just not going to happen. Nor is it going to happen that those who are dominated, subjugated and terrorised by these two "democracies" will desist from staging "terrorist" reprisals. Dialogue will not be seen as an option.

"Anti-terrorism" laws will be written and used to silence dissent against the U.S., Israel, globalisation, and anything else which The Machine feels threatened by. We will be told we are "inciting hatred or insurrection", "giving comfort to the enemy" or that mass demonstrations are too much of a "security risk". Welcome to the end of democracy.

And you think your vote will be allowed to change this? Dream on, suckers! I'm cynical and depressed. But here's the question: Am I cynical and depressed because of what I see, or do I see it that way because I'm cynical and depressed? More Prozac, anyone?


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