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Monday, July 19, 2004

ariks responds...

To the previous blog item, Ariks responded with:
Sick nazis like you Gerry will burn in hell, hahahahaha! The Jews don't ask you for advice. Deal with it! We're not going to burn in the ovens anymore, we'll kill you first!
Well, Ariks, is one automatically a Nazi if one points out the blatantly obvious racism present in the teachings of _some_ rabidly extreme forms of Zionism? You apparently fail to see that it is _their_ teaching that is not far removed from Hitler's attitudes towards race. And you call _me_ a Nazi? Have you got any rational comments to make or is frothing at the mouth the best you can do?

Read Israel Shahak's works for starters. Then do a Google search on "jews against zionism" and read what many Jewish rabbis have to say. In case you haven't understood what I've said, I accept and support the existence of an Israel bounded by the Green Line. So in that sense I'm not anti-Zionist.

Logic dictates that you've got to get your murdering, land-thieving friends out of Gaza and the West Bank _before_ you can realistically expect any decline in "terrorism" being waged against Israelis. And if you think it will stop when you kill Arafat you don't understand the first thing about what motivates a Palestinian suicide bomber. Sounds to me like militant Zionists have a death wish. They provoke, in the extreme, people to kill them and when they do they scream bloody murder. Don't you think that's a bit hypocritical (and suicidal), Ariks?

By the way, I have as much distaste for neo-Nazis and other racist groups as I have for those Zionists who hold racist views. I have a distaste for all forms of racism.

Waiting for Ariks's (or anyone else's) rational comment...


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