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Monday, June 28, 2004

what is anti-semitism?

Brian Klug (The Guardian) has this to say:
An anti-semite sees Jews this way: they are an alien presence, a parasite that preys on humanity and seeks to dominate the world. Across the globe, their hidden hand controls the banks, the markets and the media. Even governments are under their sway. And when revolutions occur or nations go to war, it is the Jews - clever, ruthless and cohesive - who invariably pull the strings and reap the rewards.
When this fantasy is projected on to Israel because it is a Jewish state, then anti-Zionism is anti-semitic. And when zealous critics of Israel, without themselves being anti-semitic, carelessly use language, such as "Jewish influence", that conjures up this fantasy, they are fuelling an anti-semitic current in the wider culture.
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Ok, I have this problem: I do not see myself as being an anti-semite, but I do believe the following logical premises are valid:
1. The U.S. is trying to control the world.
2. The U.S. internal politcal scene is unduely influenced by a Jewish lobby.
3. The U.S. is the world's dominant superpower.
Ergo, the Jewish lobby has undue influence on the world.

Does that make me an anti-semite? According to some, yes. I challenge this. I have no problem with Jews generally, I have a problem with some forms of Zionism. So what is Zionism?

Is Zionism about a sovereign State of Israel bounded by the Green Line? If so, I'm pro-Zionist. Is Zionism about killing and dispossessing the Palestinians in Gaza and The West bank? If so, I'm anti-Zionist. Is Zionism about a belief that Jews are "real" humans and gentiles are not? If so, I'm a staunch anti-Zionist. So, about being pro-Zionist or anti-Zionist, I'm a bit confused.

But I'm NOT confused about the wrongness of the killing and dispossession of the Palestinian people. I believe the Palestinian people have a right to their own sovereign state and that this state must include the whole of the West Bank and Gaza.

And, given that the Jewish people have made such a huge noise about compensation from the German state for their dispossession, grief and suffering, the Isrealis now ought to honour the same rationale and compensate the Palestinians, instead of that endless stream of obfuscations that comes from the Zionist propaganda machine.

What about the suicide bombers you say? I say this: The suicide bomber has already paid for his/her crime with his/her life. No further "justice" is justified. Punishing their relatives or their community amounts to pure Nazi tactics, and that's the end of that story.


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