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Thursday, June 03, 2004

psssst... wanna buy some cheap gas, arnie?

I saw Little Johnnie Howard on TV tonight, sidling up to Arnie the Governator, and he was flogging natural gas. He says "we can reliably supply it in large quantities". He says "we've got more gas than most other countries".

Say what? If we've got "more gas than most other countries", and we've got enough to "reliably supply it in large quantities", why did we need to dud the East Timorese out of theirs?

Another angle perhaps: Is he over there flogging "large quantities" because, gas being something that's not all that easy to stockpile, he needs to shift lots of East Timor gas in a hurry, before we lose access to it in the International Court of Justice? Sell it quick? While we can still get at it?

To me, he's looking more and more like a sleazy little thief. Bush, of course, is Little Johnnie's role model. But then, what would I know...


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