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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Video time again...

Mike has caught up with CNNNN's excellent exposé of The American Psyche, and once again highlighted the need for the whole world to shout YANKEE GO HOME* in large, friendly, and welcoming voices...

My ego insists that I point out to you that I had presented this in October 2005.

You might like to check out CNNNN's 2003 Video Vault for a full list of their videos.

And remember... Wherever, whenever you meet a Yank, don't forget to say
YANKEE GO HOME in a large, friendly, and welcoming voice... Especially when George Bush (or one of his team) is visting your country...

In fact, why wait till then?

Why not paint, in large, friendly and welcoming letters, YANKEE GO HOME on your front fence, or ask your boss if you can use his billboard for that purpose.

Hey! I got an even better idea: Why not write to particularly benevolent and altruistic American corporations "developing" your country and ask them if you can use their billboards to convey, in large, friendly, and welcoming letters, the YANKEE GO HOME message.

In 1988 Richard Thompson wrote a song titled YANKEE GO HOME, so now, after you've memorised the lyrics and the tune, you can even sing it in the shower with the bathroom window wide open and impress your neighbours with your large, friendly, and welcoming voice...

Image borrowed from [ here ]

(Note the date of the article, and the fact that this man is a member of the Association of Former Intelligence Officers.)

* This is an idea whose time just never really went away... As Major General Smedley Butler tried to tell us...


Blogger Gerry said...

What???? None of you has clicked on the hyperlinks???? I give up....

July 04, 2006 11:21 PM  
Blogger GreenSmile said...

just got back from vacation in Canada.

Ironically, our very own dear leader has engineered a forceful reason for yankees to stay home: the dollar is being bled to a state of worthlessness that makes foreign travel, even among the well tended gardens of Ontario, a great pain in the wallet.

July 07, 2006 8:35 AM  
Blogger Gerry said...

Ahh... GS, let us not get too comfortable with the idea that Only Bush and the Republicans are at fault in shaping the Great American Economy (and the military industrial complex, which makes so much money while the country bleeds.)

Didn't Clinton say "It's the economy, stoopid..." ???

You either control an economy, or it controls you. America is the Capital of the idea of giving free rein to capital. Democrats dare not oppose such thinking and Republicans would never dream of it.

So now, after at least 100 years of an American economy driven by the blood-stained booty pillaged through an endless stream of overt and covert intereventions sold to the gullible public as "saving of the free world" and "the fight for democracy", whilst occasionally slipping up by actually mentioning "America's interests" (in a disingenuous way, of course), we now find the world is re-organsing itself by forming alliances and partnerships which, by and large, seek to sides-step the American hegemony. Soon Pax America will fall. Good riddance.

Don't take this personally, GS, but I for one will not weep at America's demise. I'll just view that as justice finally arriving in America.

The American people are not innocent in any of what happened in the last 100 years. Like the Germans from 1936-1945, they cannot hide behind a cop out like "I didn't know" when the truth is, "I refused to look and listen", or worse, "I had a finger in that pie."

Am I being too hard? Perhaps even guilty of schadenfreude? Probably. Three million Vietnamese dead probably see it differently... I too blindly gobbled up the rhetoric of those wanting me to fight for their cause...

July 07, 2006 12:07 PM  

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