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Friday, December 02, 2005

there'll be no barricades...

In a forum far, far away... I ranted as follows...

>> (I said:) Wanna scare yourself shitless? Consider this: We try to break away from the
DeathGrip Of The Bloodsucking Yanks, and they quietly whisper the magic
>> words "Military Aid" in the ears of the Indonesians, and bingo, there goes
>> NW Australia.

> (He said:) Dodgy, you keep doing this, you align yourself with these emotional
> little bits and you keep aligning yourself with a party that hasn't got
> a clue, far left or far even far right is bull crap.

I align myself with no-one unless it happens that they are aligned
with me. Get a clue, (name withheld), and treasure it...

> Listen to yourself:

> -----------------------

> DeathGrip Of The Bloodsucking Yanks
> ----------------------

> Emotions are nice but in the end there will be no long term support for

> those sorts of extreme positions..

I'm not looking for support... I analyse things, I say what I think.
If you have a problem with my analyses, no wories, they're not
"professional" opinions... Disagreeing with me is fine...

> Anyway, do your thing, you've already run out of medals, and don't think I
> wasn't proud of you, ...

Why the f*ck would you be proud of a ranting lunatic?

> ... but maybe discard your Australian nationality next ... ?

I'm sure Ruddock (our Attorney General) and the R(eturned) S(ervices) L(eague) are working on that very idea as we speak. No worries. Death is a welcome release from those arsewipes.

> My problem is that I do agree with some of your opinions, ...

Careful, you'll soon be arrested for that...

> ... but I'll be buggered if I am going to stand next to you on the barricades
> looking stupid.

There'll be no barricades in this country of subservient, compliant
sycophants. Oh no, there'll be no barricades in this country.

And anyway, most in the protest movement are hotheads. If they're not
actually engineering violence, vandalism or sabotage, then as soon as
they face a bit of argy-bargy from the stormtroopers, they'll try to
do the eye-for-an-eye, violence-for-violence crap, thereby playing
straight into the hands of the authorities and giving them the excuse
to use massive force. A loser's game plan. Result? Another discredited

Globalisation is the enemy, but look at who's the main force out against
them: S11. S11 are a bunch of warmongering vandals and thugs. Lunatics.

There'll be no barricades in this country because the protest movement
is not TOTALLY committed to nonviolence AS ONE. And they don't have
the self-disciplined membership to keep it nonviolent - no matter what!!!
The guts of the movement are young hotheads who want to out-do each
other to antagonise and provoke violence so that they can get their heads
kicked in by the stormtroopers, and thereby become heroes to their
friends. Losers. So last century.

There'll be no barricades.

We'll just silently slip into fascism just as Germany did in 1936.


Blogger Gerry said...

OK, so The Resistance is mostly made up of peace loving, nonviolent people. But they seem to have no organisational structure in place to isolate and eject violent or vandalous protesters from their protests. They constantly whinge about agents provocateur and yobboes but they have no contingency plans in place (nor the trained personnel to implement these) to deal with these scumbags effectively.

December 03, 2005 6:34 PM  

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