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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

we're stuffed - part 1...

It's not getting any better, is it? I mean, at the end of the day, we're lifestyle junkies. Junkies addicted to the ever-more consumerised, trendy, glitzy, oh-so-meaningful, oh-so-sophisticated, oh-so-important lifestyles which the marketing machine brainwashes us into "needing".

Never mind that this lifestyle consumes about five times the per-capita share of the world's resources (based on today's world population, which in fifty years looks set to double, making this ratio ten times the per-capita share.) But we couldn't give a rat's arse about that, eh. We want, nay, we must have this lifestyle. It's to die for.

Our lifestyle is stuffing the air we breathe, it's stuffing the rivers and forests, it's stuffing the climate, and it's stuffing every culture except our "superior" culture. I couldn't think of a better way of breeding "terrorists".

This new monoculture, globalised corporate fascism, with "Christianity" and extremist Zionism happily by its side, is on the march (onward God's soldiers, eh?) and it will not stop until it "hits the wall". And when it does, the planet will be utterly stuffed and we will crash into an economic abyss that will make the Great Depression look like a minor recession.

Billions of "expendables" will die of starvation world-wide. Corporate, privatised armies will protect the Corporations' few managers, supervisors and employees (slaves), whilst they exterminate those who can't or won't live as slaves (the "final solution" for overpopulation and resource depletion, eh?)

Any resistance to this wonderful way of "doing business" will be labelled "terrorist" if militant, and "anti-social" if peaceful. So much for the the teachings of Jesus (which these days have little to do with the "teachings" of the "new Christianity".

So what are the alternatives? I'll get to that soon...


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