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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

government of the businesses, by the businesses, for the businesses...

In an article for The Guardian, April 2001, Julian Borger commented on the blatant cash-for-favours rorts driving the political donations game:
Funding for favours: Bush's paybacks

Table shows amount paid (in millions of dollars) to the Republican election campaign and that amount as a percentage of each industry's election spending.

Industry | $m | % | The payback

Tobacco | 7.0 | 83% | Killing off federal lawsuits against cigarette manufacturers

Timber | 3.2 | 82% | Restrictions on logging roads scrapped

Oil and gas | 25.4 | 78% | Restrictions on CO2 emissions abandoned; Kyoto scrapped; moves to open Arctic refuge to drilling

Mining | 2.6 | 77% | Scrapping of environmental clean-up rules; arsenic limits in water supply

Banks and credit card companies | 25.6 | 60% | Bankruptcy bill making it easier for credit card companies to collect debts from bankrupt customers

Pharmaceuticals | 17.8 | 68% | Medicare reform without price controls

Airlines | 4.2 | 61% | Federal barriers to strikes; backpedalling on antitrust legislation
Now remember this was back in April 2001. Borger predicted there would be a huge voter backlash against Bush's "Corpocracy"... and then 9/11 happened, and the rest, as they say, is history.


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