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Thursday, March 01, 2012

Onya, Channel 7...

Channel 7, that bastion of Anglo-Saxon white supremacism, showed us its priorities again in tonight's 6 o'clock news.

Lead story: Prince Murdoch runs to safety by resigning from News International.

Second story: Assad's mass murder in Homs.

Clearly the tawdry corporate affairs of a white Anglo-Saxon Media Prince are more important than a bunch of Syrian (Arab) freedom fighters getting the shit bombarded out of them by Dictator Assad's murderous "loyalist" troops.


Blogger lemmiwinks said...

Due to various stuff I rarely have the opportunity or inclination to watch TV, let alone the news until about 7pm or later. Thus, if I'm going to punish myself it's ABC or SBS, but a couple of years ago I used to watch Ten News at 5 (tolerable, except for the weather report which was completely unbearable), then maybe flick between 7 and 9 followed by a bit of ABC if I was still in the mood.

I stumbled on Ten News at 5 the other day. My god! What utter fucking drivel. Moncton and his mining sponsors want a Fox News channel, well the work is about 1/2 way done.

Don't even get me started on those morning ones like "Sunrise" *shudder. ABC News breakfast was OK, but I found Virginia Triolli irritating. I found cartoons more intellectually stimulating than "Sunrise".

March 02, 2012 2:22 PM  

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