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Friday, November 04, 2005

why is this happening?

Why are they trying to bring in such draconian "anti-terror" laws?

Why are they re-engineering our industrial relations laws?

Why are we in Iraq, Afghanistan?

Is there a grand unifying theory which explains all of this? Yes.

Globalisation. GlobalCorp. A monster that will eat its young before it finally eats itself.

There is a way out of all of this but we don't have the balls to go there. In the next five to ten years the global economy will implode resulting in a massive and long term depression from which we will emerge into a global master/slave capitalist totalitarian system which will make Stalin and Hitler look like rank amateurs.

What can be done now?

Australia should recognise that in a globalised world it will be exploited, sucked dry, and spat out when it's of no further use to the global robber barrons. It should totally extricate itself from the ever-tightening web of GlobalCorp. It should do this right now. It should seek to become economically independent - as much as possible. This is the only way we will retain our sovereignty and self-determination.

Yes, a change from economic dependence to economic independence would bring with it hardships, scarcity and sacrifice. Pain. Like a junkie coming off heroin. But it would be better than what will befall us - within the lifetime of our children - if we don't shock-proof ourselves against what's coming.

Cuba has done it. Venezuela is doing it. Quite a few courageous countries are doing it. Moving from consumerism to subsistence will create a huge cultural upheaval, but it is a life-affirming move. Globalised consumerism is the road to slavery and wholesale death and destruction.

I know you arseholes will not believe me or do anything other than get chummier and chummier with GlobalCorp. I just needed to say this so you can have some words to haunt you when, one day in the not too distant future, you look around you and you see what sort of a hell you find yourself in. And remembering these words, you will know that it was your own addiction to consumerism and your own greed which turned you into a happy little roadworker toiling happily away on the highway to hell...

Ancient Chinese proverb: If you don't change direction, you'll end up where you're headed...

Open your eyes, you arseholes! We're headed into hell, and Bush, Blair, Howard, etc., are the pied pipers leading us there...


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