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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I'm a threat to national security...

Today, Julian Burnside QC, lawyer for Scott Parkin [1] [2] [3], in an article written for Margo Kingston's blog, had this to say:

"It now appears that the Australian government considers peace activists to be a threat to national security."

If Burnside is correct, that makes me, and this blog, a threat to national security.


Read the whole thing >>>

And while I've got your undivided, security threatening attention, you can do your bit for Scott Parkin by sending an e-mail of support to backingscott[at]yahoo[dot]com [you know what to do with the stuff in the brackets]. They will then print and hand-deliver as many as they can to Scott, or send them on to him when he arrives back in the The Fatherland... Jawohl !!! Go to it, dudes and dudettes !!!


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