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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

it's war on bullshit...

The "war on terror" is a load of bullshit.

It is the biggest load of bullshit that's been served up since the Romans realised the huge amount of power they could wield by peddling the One God bullshit.

Now, here's what's really happening:

Capitalism is in a huge amount of trouble. And it's in the sort of trouble from which it cannot escape. Consumerism, in particular the kind which is driving the "western" middle and upper class lifestyles, is totally unsustainable. It is stripping the planet of non-renewable resources whilst at the same time making it uninhabitable. This "civilisation" is using up resources at a per capita rate which is at least five times the sustainable per capita rate. Not only is it unsustainable, it is unjustifiable and unconscionable.

But alarmingly, the mega-corporations created by and servicing this "civilisation" are dependent on "economic growth" for their survival. Indeed the "civilisation" itself has become dependent on "economic growth" for its survival. If "economic growth" stops for more than an economic nanosecond, the capitalistic house of cards collapses into the mother of all depressions.

To maintain "economic growth", this "civilisation" has to spread its tentacles of resource-stripping and "trade" (a euphemism for economic rape and pillage) ever further into parts of the world where it is not at all welcomed. As this "civilisation" is recognised for what it really is (a greed-driven death beast), there is growing resistance to it in many parts of the globe, especially from those most damaged or exploited by it, and this resistance is turning violent.

To demonise and vilify this violent resistance, it has been given the name "terrorism". And so we must wage a "war on terror" in order to crush this resistance.

But the forward planners of this greed-driven death beast have come to realise that armed resistance is morphing into a resistance employing the most devastatingly democratic weapon of all, peaceful people power. And so, whilst maintaining the fascade of a "war on terror" they must dismantle the last vestages of democracy in order to protect the greed-driven death beast from democracy itself.

That's what's really going on now. Not only are people (justifiably) vilified for resorting to violence, but they must not be allowed to resist peacefully either.

Freedom of speech must be curbed. Protests must be quashed. Civil disobedience must be outlawed. Dissents must be silenced. People's rights must be curtailed, elections must be rigged, and democracy must be suspended.

All this in the name of "responding to threats to security". But whose security is being threatened? Only the security of the greed-driven death beast is being threatened.

And for how long must this war on truth and sustainable humanity go on? Until the greed-driven death beast, like a plague of rats, has utterly laid waste to its habitat (and it views the whole planet as its God-given habitat.)

Perhaps it's better to live on our knees than to die on our feet. Indeed it must be so, for I don't see enough people getting to their feet. And if enough of us do not rise to our feet in the next year or two to stage the mother of all peaceful people power protests and install governments who will rein-in the greed-driven death beast, you might as well get used to life on your knees for a long, long time. In fact, future generations will curse you for consigning them to lives of pure shit just so that you could enjoy your little moment of extravagant consumption which you saw as your birth right (at the expense of theirs)...

Please consider...


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