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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

they's only ay-rabs...

I've said as much before and I think it's time to restate it: In 1990 the US was up to its eyeballs in the planning of the mass murder of more than 200,000 Iraqi soldiers as part of it's machinations on behalf of Big Oil. The US suckered Saddam. They knew he was going to invade Kuwait to reclaim some long-disputed territory (yes, a legacy of earlier British machinations). And they told Saddam they would not intervene. I think it's fair to say that this was tantamount to a blessing to go ahead in diplomatic-speak.

So, let's take some time out here to mull this over for a bit... There's Saddam in 1990, checking in with his masters to ask if they'd mind if he grabbed back a long-lost bit of Kuwait, and they virtually said "Go for it!" But it was a trap... It was an ambush! And Saddam fell for it. And over 200,000 hapless Iraqi soldiers were crisp-fried by napalm and other military goodies in a massive display of Western target practice using live Iraqis.

And it was absolutely preventable. It was a war that absolutely need never have happened. It was premeditated mass-murder. It was a war crime.

But hey, don't take my word for it. Read what a retired USAF Lieutenant Colonel (and now a Catholic Bishop) has to say on this topic... Keep in mind that he wrote it in 1999, four years before Bush-the-elder's idiot son tried to out-do his daddy !!!


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