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Friday, February 18, 2005


"It's the lifestyle, stupid."
To feed our consumer habits, our mortgages, the 'education of our children', to get "ahead", to "aspire", to feed the ego. By working in mad enterprises, travelling ridiculous distances to go to work and talk shit.
"It's the economy, stupid."
Production, production, production.
Expansion, expansion, expansion.
Profit, profit, profit.
Consume, consume, consume.
Build, build, build.
Make, make, make.
Oil, oil, oil.
Ore, ore, ore.
timber, timber, timber.
Shareholders, shareholders, shareholders
Dependence, dependence dependence.
Slavery, slavery, slavery.
Production --> oil/petrol/coal/gas
Transport --> oil/petrol/coal/gas
Electricity --> oil/petrol/coal/gas
Home heating --> oil/petrol/coal/gas
Working --> oil/petrol/coal/gas
Lifestyle --> oil/petrol/coal/gas
Military --> oil/petrol/coal/gas
Carbon dioxide
Carbon monoxide
Global warming
Mining, cash crop farming, logging, fishing, growing meat, building infrastructure,
manufacturing, making more babies for the shareholders' people-mill.
Hungrier and hungrier for raw materials, food, and cheaper labour.
Destroying other cultures, ways of life, subsistance economies, independent economies, forrests, rivers, grasslands, oceans, the air we breathe.
Tomorrow we will die, but today we will kill them, because "it's in our interests".
To die for...


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