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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Thank you, Major General Stretton

Thank you for having the courage and integrity to speak the truth in the face of so many official (American?) lies shaping our pathetic foreign (American?) policy.

What am I referring to? READ THIS >>>

I would add that not only is the Afghan Army infiltrated by the Taliban (just as the ARVN was infiltrated by the Viet Cong), but that it is run, in the main, by a bunch of very corrupt warlords whose troops we should _not_ be training at all. We are merely training both sides of what will devolve into a very bloody civil war after we (the invaders) leave.

And about Stretton's claim that we invaded Afghanistan to get bin Laden, well, even on that score I would argue that a full blown war, "regime change", and the ensuing massive "collateral damage" was _not_ the way to go. This was eloquently proven by the events which finally lead to bin Laden's demise in Pakistan. If you can do that in Pakistan, why not do that in Afghanistan?


Blogger Vest said...

Afghanistan will always elude domination by outside influences. The Afghans repelled Alexander the Great and many other incursions. More recently in the 18th Cent by the Russians, British and shortly after a Russo/French alliance, followed by Britain. Again in 1979 the Russians and now the USA dominated Allies.
I believe economic isolation from the western world is the answer.
a never ending civil war would add to natural attrition.

April 18, 2012 12:55 PM  
Blogger Gerry said...

Vest: The western world should impose economic sanctions because a country seeks to elude domination by outside influences? Huh?

April 18, 2012 3:20 PM  
Blogger Davoh said...

Why not? If Afghanistan (generic name, covering an astonishing number of Tribal groupings) want to be ... well, "left alone" - why should it be incumbent upon US to inflict attitude upon them?

April 18, 2012 8:29 PM  
Blogger Vest said...

Most of todays problems could be resolved by capitalising on where mistakes were made in the past.
History is important in our lives and it is being made every day.

April 19, 2012 12:41 AM  

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