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Monday, December 05, 2011

Burnum Burnum

It's time to remember Burnum Burnum (10 January 1936 – 18 August 1997).

From Wikipedia: "He may be best remembered for planting the Aboriginal flag on the White cliffs of Dover on the Australian Bicentenary Day of 26 January 1988. This was his tongue-in-cheek way of claiming England, as Arthur Phillip had done to Burnum Burnum's homeland in 1788 when arriving with the First Fleet."

Transcript: "The Burnum Burnum Declaration England, 26th January, 1988

I, Burnum Burnum, being a nobleman of ancient Australia do hereby take posession of England on behalf of the Aboriginal people. In claiming this colonial outpost, we wish no harm to you natives, but assure you that we are here to bring you good manners, refinement and an opportunity to make a Koompartoo - 'a fresh start'. Henceforth, an Aboriginal face shall appear on your coins and stamps to signify our sovreignty over this domain. For the more advanced, bring the complex language of the Pitjantjajara; we will teach you how to have a spiritual relationship with the Earth and show you how to get bush tucker.

We do not intend to souvenir, pickle and preserve the heads of your 2000 of your people, nor to publicly display the skeletal remains of your Royal Highness, as was done to our Queen Truganninni for 80 years. Neither do we intend to poison your water holes, lace your flour with strychnine or introduce you to highly toxic drugs. Based on our 50,000 year heritage, we acknowledge the need to preserve the Caucasian race as of interest to antiquity, although we may be inclined to conduct experiments by measuring the size of your skulls for levels of intelligence. We pledge not to sterilise your women, nor to separate your children from their families. We give an absolute undertaking that you shall not be placed onto the mentality of government handouts for the next five generations but you will enjoy the full benefits of Aboriginal equality. At the end of two hundred years, we will make a treaty to validate occupation by peaceful means and not by conquest.

Finally, we solemnly promise not to make a quarry of England and export your valuable minerals back to the old country Australia, and we vow never to destroy three-quarters of your trees, but to encourage Earth Repair Action to unite people, communities, religions and nations in a common, productive, peaceful purpose.

Burnun Burnum."


Blogger Davoh said...

yep, put him into the history books also ... but Sydneysiders will never forget Bennelong ..

December 06, 2011 11:46 PM  
Blogger Davoh said...

"Idealism"? gerry, have only been "in country" (or 'your' country) for about 18 months. Am still looking for Waridjiri ... long story.

December 07, 2011 4:29 AM  
Blogger Gerry said...

"Wiradjuri groups live in Condobolin, Peak Hill, Narrandera and Griffith. There are significant populations at Wagga Wagga and Leeton and smaller groups at West Wyalong, Parkes, Forbes, Cootamundra, Cowra and Young."

Compliments of Wikipedia.

No, don't thank me, it was no trouble at all... :-)

December 07, 2011 9:57 AM  
Blogger Ann O'Dyne said...

fantastic B.B. - stick it to 'em.

I always think that indigenous Australians should just send England an account for the value of the country stolen from them.

December 13, 2011 2:15 PM  
Blogger Gerry said...

G'day Annie dearest. Yes, and at -current- real estate prices. :-)

Then again, any non-Aboriginal person who "owns" real estate here could then be charged with receiving stolen property and be made to give it back.

I've already told my partner, that in the unlikely event that she dies before me, I would bequeath our house and land to the local Aboriginal community.

December 14, 2011 8:06 AM  

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