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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

footprints in the melting snow...

Greenie said "BTW, Gerry, you have one of the better lists of resources for transitioning to sustainability to be found in the PBA."


Does anyone actually give a shit about it?

Do they even know what it REALLY means?

Clue: It means that the lifestyle we in "The West" have gotten so used to, the one the rest of the world has been sucked into aspiring to, is utterly unsustainable.

Do one of those eco-footprint tests again and think a bit harder this time.

Apart from realising that your lifestyle is fast trashing the planet, go to the next level: Use the test to try to discover what a sustainable lifestyle might actually look like. Then ask yourself these questions:

Would I really be prepared to commit to living this sort of lifestyle?

What would happen to God the economy if we all lived like that?

Is diogenesian discourse dead yet?


Blogger GreenSmile said...

definitely not dead. The funny thing, now that I think about it, is how little difference, important but, from an economic sense rather small difference there is between the life lived by a person commited to sustainable living and the life planned for by a survivalist. Both look forward to a time when they live largely by their own means except one thinks the time is NOW and the other thinks its ok to drive a big SUV right up until fighting errupts over the last tank of gas at the filling station.

January 15, 2007 8:45 AM  
Blogger Gerry said...

Well, the survivalist is driven by the selfish concept of survival at anyone/everyone's expense if necressary, whereas the person is committed to doing his/her bit to save the whole planet and the scarce resources. The survivalist wants to continue to rape and pillage the environment (and other cultures and races) in order to continue to enjoy the consumer lifestyle until the very last minute.

Then there are the those New Age Fundamentalist Extremists, the discoverers of
The Secret, who actively promulgate the insane belief that reacting to the scarcity of resources is un-necessary because, through The Law Of Attraction, we will find new ways to live happily ever after in our hedonistic utopia. Nevermind that we are stripping the planet bare... And when bad things happen, these idiots-with-fairy-floss-for-brains have been brainwashed to believe that they are not responsible, that it is all the fault of the "negative" thinkers... Fucking deluded wankers... Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr...

January 15, 2007 9:34 AM  

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