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Sunday, December 31, 2006

I can't stand the smell...

Saddam has been hanged. "Justice has been done" is the new propaganda catch-cry.

What a sick joke.

Saddam was the US's strong man in the Middle East (until he stopped dancing to their tune). Most of Saddam's crimes were committed whilst he was enjoying US support. He was America's pit bull against the Islamic Revolution in Iran. One of the main reasons Islamic fundamentalists hate America is America's support for Saddam during the Iran-Iraq war.

And how about the number of Iraqi and Afghani deaths we can firmly pin on US aggression in the region? Will Bush Snr and his idiot son now also be hung? How come Reagan was not hung?

If Saddam's hanging is any sort of a lesson, it is this: "If you're a puppet of the US, don't even think about trying to break free."

And did America gain any kudos from this hanging? I doubt it. It will have been seen for the cynical and hypocritical charade that it was, and among the US-haters it will be seen as just another piece of hard evidence for the argument that hating the US is an entirely appropriate response to US foreign policy.


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