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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

you make me sick...

The tone of this blog is going to go a bit more strident from here on in. Why? Because time's running out fast and we're still letting the politicians get away with obfuscation, denial, lies and delaying tactics. It's time those politicians who don't want to get on board quicksmart got a few thousand angry voters in their faces, day after day after day...

What's got me ranting again?

Well, do a Google or Yahoo search using the following search string:
"oil depletion" +hubbert +peak
And after you've digested the results of your research, if you still don't get that in five to ten years' time (and that's like tomorrow, dudes and dudettes) the global economy is set to crash into a semi-permanent depression of the kind that makes the 1930's look like sheer luxury, then you're a card-carrying moron.

Next, try this search string:
"water depletion" +"water tables" +aquifers
And now acquaint yourself with the effects on human life of water depletion due to over-consumption domestically, industrially, and agriculturally. Have a look what's happening to water tables and aquifers globally. Notice I haven't even mentioned global warming, climate change or changed weather patterns?

So, if after doing this little bit of research you still don't get that we're using up water at a rate that's heading us toward massive and widespread famine at the same time as our economies will catastrophically collapse, you have the optimism only morons or delusional nutcases are capable of.

I'll say it again: Your politicians will do nothing. They are busily fellating someone high up in Big Business in order to vainly try to guarantee their own survival. Your government will not save you. The rich will bunker down and exploit the near-dead as brutally as never before. Nor will curling up in a denial-induced foetal position and sucking your thumb save you.

For years now you've raved about "democracy" and "freedom". My ears are still hurting from listening to your vapid delusions. Well, my fellow idiots, how will you use your "democacy" and your "freedom" in these last few remaining years (ten at max I'd say) before you will either be dead or a toadying slave to some corporation which keeps you in near-starvation whilst it fulfills its role of sucking sow for the rich?

Have I told you that your selfish hedonism, your stupidity, your self-imposed ignorance, your denial, and your procrastination sicken me? Have I told you that lately?

Now, tell me again, my little brainwashed consumerised morons, what use your "democracy" or your "freedom" is if you don't use it right now to bitchslap (I like that word) your local politican several times a day, every day. But don't misunderstand why I'm saying that bitchslapping politicians might be a good thing. It's not because they'll then go away and fix anything. No, it's because we all know that they won't.

Soon, of course, bitchslapping scumbag politicians will be declared a terrorist activity, and you and I will be locked up and left to die of thirst in jail (you don't think they'll waste scarce water resources keeping "terrorists" alive, do you?) But at least you and I will have one last deep and meaningful conversation about how wonderful "freedom" and "democracy" are...

Off you go now... You loyal little capitalist piggies. Enjoy your "freedom" and your "democracy" and support your troops who are out there putting their lives on the line in a holy crusade to shove your "freedom" and your "democracy" up some other poor bastard's anal cavity in order to impose your laws which will then make it "legal" for BigCorp to suck their country dry of whatever it is you so selfishly "need".

Disclaimer: Bitchslapping politicians is wrong. You must not do it. Talking about bitchslapping politicians is wrong. You must not do it. Reading this blog is wrong. You must not do it.


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