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Sunday, May 02, 2004

war, what is it good for...

They call it ”the war on terror”. That's just pure propaganda.
It's actually a war of terror. All forms of warfare involve terror. So what's going on? Well, be afraid. Be very afraid. We're seeing a global takeover by war-mongering fanatical religious fundamentalists. Christian fundamentalists have hijacked US foreign policy, Zionist fundamentalists have hijacked Israeli foreign policy, and Moslem fundamentalists want to destroy the US and Israel. Religious fanatics reacting to religious fanatics.

The moderates on each side have been sidelined. Yet the vast majority in each of these religions is made up of peace-loving, tolerant, compassionate, and moderate people. What's needed is for the moderates in each of these religions to reassert themselves over their fanatical, fundamentalist brothers and sisters. Nothing less will stop this insane endless cycle of bloodshed and destruction. Each religion must get its own house in order before accusing the other side.

The doves must sideline the hawks. Love must sideline hate. Understanding must sideline intolerance. Forgiveness must sideline vengeance. Negotiation must replace hostile acts. Lofty ideals, I know, but if you choose not to subscribe to these, I say you are part of the problem and not part of the solution, and therefore you shouldn't complain about your own dead.

Here endeth the rant...

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