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Friday, April 30, 2004

for god's sake, stop the killing...

There's all this killing going on in the name of god.

Which god has ordered all these killings? Well, it's a god first invented, some 4000 years ago, by the superstitious, misogynistic and megalomanic men of a tribe who subsequently became known as the Jews.

And a religion was born. And its aim was mind control (usually the mind of the ruling king), and thus, power over the people. And this same manufactured god is also to be found in the Christian religion and the Muslim religion. Three major religions in the grip of a fictitious entity whipped up some 4000 yeas ago by a bunch of authoritarians whose sole aim was to control others for their own ends.

How harmful are these religions? Well, each one teaches its followers that only they are the "chosen people". And each one teaches that this all-powerful god thing is exclusively on their side. So that means you can kill, dispossess, cheat and brainwash gentiles/heathens/infidels because you are superior to them and you are just doing "god's work". Oh, and women can't be trusted in positions of religious leadership. They are unclean. And quite rightly, they are the property of men.

Nice one, Alice..

Now, to a rational, thinking person, all this would sound a bit suspicious. Insane even. But not to a True Believer. A True Believer is taught to have Faith and to Believe in the face of any and all opposing arguments. In a rational world this is known as bigotry and is not valued. But in these religions it is thought of as the highest and most valued state of mind. I call it insanity-producing mind control.

And so you had lots of Jews killed by Christians, Christians and Moslems having lots of wars, Catholics killing heretics galore, Catholics and Protestants having lots of wars, and Jews and Moslems having several wars. All in the name of the same God.

Each blames the "fanatics" on the other side. But they're all fanatics, by definition.

And here we are in 2004. And we're still firmly in the grip of a 4000 year old superstition. And we still can't stop the killing, the land-grabbing, the dispossessing and the brainwashing of others in the name of that insane superstition. I call that mind control of the worst kind.

How can you have democracy when the people are brainwashed?

And it troubles me greatly.

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