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Saturday, April 24, 2004

the dead hero society...

Ok, from here onwards it's just going to be stream of consciousness ranting OK? If you don't like what you read, there are plenty of other blogs.

I'm a Vietnam vet who's seriously got the shits with the world as it is. But let's get one thing straight right here: I'm not a threat to anyone but myself. I have sworn to myself that I will never kill another person as long as I live. That's not to say I won't kill myself. I frequently yearn for the courage to end it all. But so far I've been too gutless.

And before you start hurling your favourite religious sermon at me, let me tell you where I stand on that stuff: There is no god, if by god you mean some kind of supreme being that has made up a set of rules which, if you obey them, you will be rewarded, or, if you disobey them, you will be punished. That's a load of horse manure in my humble opinion..


Having said that, let me say this: I will defend to the death your right to believe whatever you want, just so long as in doing so you don't threaten me. In my view, the writings of the Jews, Christians and Moslems were not inspired by any god. They were the writings of misogynistic male megalomaniacs utterly deluded by their superstitions and long days in the hot desert without food or water, and millions upon millions of people have been killed in the power struggles engineered by these religions.

And those religious engineers are still engineering and the killings are still happening wholesale and everyone reckons that the killing is right because they have god on their side.

How insane do you have to be to believe that load of superstitious claptrap !!!!

And here in Australia we're about to commemorate our war-dead tomorrow, a day we call Anzac Day. We'll jangle our medals, we'll convince ourselves they died righteously, and we'll call them heroes. Church leaders will speak gloriously at countless services around the nation so that the friends and relatives of the dead don't snap out of their convenient hypnosis... And the band played Waltzing Matilda ...

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