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Wednesday, April 07, 2004

too many lies, not enough truth

There are so many hidden agenda around it's no wonder that all sorts of people are losing it big time. In The Big Lie department, the US and Britain are currently the major players. If the US and Britain do not want to be targets of "terrorists" they must start by telling the truth: The truth about their attempts to control the world for their own economic and strategic benefit. The truth about the part oil plays in their current global machinations.

Individual nations and ethnic groups no longer have any real say in what happens to them, their communities, their culture, their environment, or their resources. Big Business, via the World Bank, the IMF, and Big Business's own corrupt practices, is imposing its will on all manner of peoples in the name of "development". Big Business has corrupted governments to the extent that military might has become a tool of Big Business. I know it's been that way for a long time, but now it's getting even more ominous because it's gone global. Global means there's no longer a way to escape it. It means it's all-pervasive. It means that the whole world must fight against it or be consumed by it.

People who feel they are being undermined and subjugated in this way are turning to terrorism as a way of fighting back. In an environment where these people have no place in which wrongs perpetrated against them can be effectively redressed (international law has become a sick joke thanks to the arrogance of the US and Britain), it is entirely predictable that terrorism is seen by these people as a valid weapon of last resort.

If we in the "developed" world want to stop being the targets of terrorism, we must stop our instrumentalities running rough-shod over (terrorising) other nations and cultures. The "developed" world must recognize, acknowledge, and curb its arrogance, selfishness and greed. Unbridled global capitalism is an evil that must be stopped. Or else, "developed" dudes and dudettes, get used to terrorism coming to a place near you.


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