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Friday, February 23, 2007

mushrooms kept in the dark and fed on bullshit...

HoWARd says pulling troops out of Iraq is tantamount to aiding and abetting the terrorists. But not when the Brits do it. Then it's a sign of how well the Brits are winning "the war on terror".

Opposition leader Rudd says he wants our troops out of Iraq, but he's more than happy to send them to Afghanistan where the Coalition of the Oil Swilling are soon to get their collective arses kicked, big-time, by the same mob of murderous religious nutters the CIA organised, whipped into a frenzy, and armed, and trained, in order to expel the Russians in the 80's.

Mr Rudd, you're about to see a bloodbath. And for what? To ultimately realise that the Afghanis won't brook foreign intervention in their domestic affairs? The Russians couldn't "liberate" them, Mr Rudd. What makes you think a bunch naive troops sent there by mass-murdering, lying, cheating, oil thieves can?

Bullshit still reigns supreme in Oz politics. Bullshit which further fuels the terrorists' cause. Bullshit which offers the basis for the best recruiting campaign the terrorists could ever hope for.

I just feel sorry for the brainwashed, abused and deceived troops who end up there, believing they're "fighting for democracy", or "fighting for their country", or whatever crap they've been fed this week by their corrupt political masters.

It makes me sick...


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