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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Book Review: Raw Man - by Fred Rivera

I've been asked to review Raw Man by Fred Rivera.   Here it s:

Politicians sold us the Vietnam war as a just war, a necessary war.  A massive stack of well researched books has since debunked the blatant lies and warped thinking which led us into that war. Fred Rivera's Raw Man, stripped of all the usual machismo and chest-thumping hero worshiping faux patriotism one often finds in personal accounts of soldiering, gives a brutally honest, soul searing glimpse into the reality of that most stupid of wars, and what it did to the bodies and minds of those who were so callously exploited to serve such dubious imperatives. 

In case you missed the link to the book's website, here it is again:

Even though I've read a free e-copy of the book, I've actually bought a hard copy for my library.  Need I say more?